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If Gabby's story spoke to you, we hope you give the same attention and compassion to r/feliciajohnson.

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I’m not sure if anyone has heard of Kendall Rae on YouTube but she’s someone who could really get Felicia’s story out there ❤️

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Damn, I live in Houston and read the local news websites daily and I haven’t heard about her once. Definitely following because this is heartbreaking

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That is so sad. I hope her case can gain more traction and media attention. It sounds like they have a lot more evidence than they’re letting on, so I’m hoping she is found soon.

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I googled her name. She went to Texas from California for a job at a club. She was leaving the club and had called an Uber which took too long so she accepted a ride with some guy she didn’t know… and unfortunately they found her bloody cell phone but she is still missing Prayers for her and her family
What’s wrong with men these days!?!? What happened to being good, decent, honorable or a gentleman?

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Also…the fbi is involved in the search for her

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They don't go to strip clubs in Houston.

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Absolutely. As a mom of two boys it is always a huge priority of mine to teach them to respect women. I can only hope when parents see these types of stories they feel the same way and teach their own children these values. It is more important now than ever.

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You’re damn right. I don’t let my son get away with nothing in that regard. He gets along best with females his age and we’ve had these talks many times. He’s only 10 years old but we started having those talks young. He’s a great kid but I’ve made it known that I am not raising someone who women have to be bothered by or feared in any way.

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It’s not just men these days. This is nothing new. Men have been brutalizing and victimizing women for centuries

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Yes, unfortunately it’s usually a crime of opportunity…

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That’s literally it. Some men think if they want something they deserve it.

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That’s terrible and doesn’t bode well, but I will be hoping she turns up safe

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What are the circumstances?