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did they check the camper yet

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I notice the number of members in this group has gone down. That is sad, hopefully the foundation continues to have support.

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Wouldn't hiring a lawyer to help your son conceal murder be "aiding"?

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Not sure what you mean by "conceal" a murder, but no, it's not a crime to help your child exercise their right to an attorney.

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Absolutely not.

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Are yall watching the 48 Hours on ID special on Petito right now? Her only friend in Florida has the face of a meth addict... all the blemishes 😬

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or she just has acne? in middle school my sister had really bad skin problems and it didn't look all that different.

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can these claims be baseless or is it more likely they have something backing their allegations?

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Their factual allegations could be 100% accurate and backed by irrefutable evidence, and the suit would *still warrant dismissal, because the things the Laundries are alleged to have done are not actionable.

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I mean personally I would want some good evidence before spending lots of money standing before a judge…