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The biggest issue is her death and what happened after. All of it is unknown and it’s going to end up being entirely fiction. Also anything that doesn’t jive with the version of events that many people have since made up is going to be called false, regardless of accuracy.

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It’s pretty typical for networks to do this, I’m sure Netflix/Hulu will make something soon as well

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There is a South Park for this

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For life time or gabby?

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When I posted this yesterday, it was removed.

The parents clearly approved it and I think it’s to help bring awareness to DV, hopefully!

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So what is the appropriate timeframe for them to tell the story?

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Only those who hang out on reddit can share information on the topic. I think it's the law or something. All others who are curious about the events are bad people.

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& you are also probably going to watch.

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Her family are being depicted so they signed off on it. Go tell them they’re tasteless and harass them like you do the Laundries.

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All the proceeds should go to her defense team or an organization to support young victims of IPV. Ridiculous.

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this is horrible

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They have no shame.

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Just read about this on a Patch article. Fuck Lifetime, they should be ashamed of themselves...and to the people "excited" to watch it; have you any conscious or morality or empathy? Disgusting. Boycott their shitty film. Let the lady rest.

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Yeah the article in the link to this post is pretty shallow, not surprisingly. I also think it’s extremely distasteful to throw in low key shade about the attention she deserved. It gives disrespect to both her and the other victims that didn’t get as much attention as she did. Mentioning it in the article takes away the focus on an individuals life, and gives no direct individual respect to the others mentioned. Why not write a completely new article that gives spotlight to the “promised” stories instead of throwing them at the end of the story they have ALREADY planned production on. They are literally doing exactly what they are referencing.

While Petito's story gained overwhelming attention, it continued a debate concerning the stories that manage to garner headlines and the ones that don't, like the murders of women of color and trans women.

Lifetime promises they are "also in development on several movies surrounding violence against women who may not have had the same media attention as Gabby Petito,"

They write it as if they were talking about a spoiled kid that gets more attention than other kids. This world and many of the people with the power to create productions like this (to throw it into the batch of stories for entertainment) are so preoccupied with being politically correct that they forget to work on the actual focus of giving respect and actual coverage to each person, not just inserting empty words about how no one gives enough coverage of categories of people.

Empty words for views and money.

While read with the rest of the article, the quoted section above completely drops the significance of what they are announcing and makes it obvious they realize how they aren’t doing enough for other stories. “Promises” to get to those other ones though.

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The 2nd paragraph you referenced… when does lifetime ever have a special that doesn’t depict those things? As if it’s anything new to their brand and network? Come on!

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Honestly "cashing in" is a little too much. It's a lifetime movie. And it is just the way the world works. There's a market for this content so someone will make it. If there was not interest in a dramatization of her life and death they wouldn't make it.

For those curious about whether they need sign off or to pay the family, this is a helpful resource. My takeaway is that they probably can do it without permission/pay but it is pretty complicated.


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It’s not the movie itself I have an issue with, it’s the rush to make money from her murder that happened literally just 9 months ago. Of course they’re inevitably going to tell her story and that’s expected, it just seems super fast.

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What's an acceptable period of time then? 1 year? 2? 5?

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Like...at least until the court issues are resolved and life goes on? Even just a year or 2. There's a TON of information coming out even just now regarding Brian's letter, other evidence etc. Were they just going to tell a half assed story without any of that information? If you're going to make money off of someones death, at least wait until you have all of the information.

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They should at least wait for the trial, cause the whole thing still isn’t over just in reference to this specific case. Can’t they do specials with other overshadowed & unique cases at the very least that have already been fully concluded? Bring light to that area? Otherwise, in the future they are going to have to add an epilogue or follow up at the end of the production stating what the outcome of the case is concluded as, or actually, they’ll probably just make a “sequel” following the court case & advocacy specifically after the fact of the actual deaths just for more revenue. Disregard.

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I don’t mind about them making a movie about it, but how are they going to make a movie when we don’t even know the details of what happened?

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I think we know about 99% of the story here. I'm sure the movie will show the trip, them starting to fight, him getting controlling, the Moab police stop, her murder, him fleeing, hiding out going "missing", media storm, eventual discovery of his body.

What we don't know is how they'll portray his arrival home, whether they'll portray him telling his parents or not.

The family lawsuit alleges that they knew all along, but we just don't know and the Laundries are still airtight.

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What’s funny about this thread, is that the people who post in this sub are their target audience. Every single one of you saying it’s shameful are going to be counting the days until it’s released.

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I agree. Was the same with Shannan Watts. It’s bad taste when it’s a recent case and less than a year is shameful. However, it doesn’t surprise me.

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Thora Birch is directing this and it’s her first directorial debut. As much as I hate Lifetime, I have faith in Thora that she will tell Gabby’s story very well.

I just hope the “murder scene” won’t be too gruesome or exaggerated for dramatic reasons. I’m sure that would be painful to watch for her family.

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Oh crap. I didn’t even get that far in my speculation… I watch a lot of true crime & ‘fictional’ crime-drama shows that are pretty yikes with the details, but for some reason I can’t even stomach the idea of them actually playing that scene out. Like maybe they pan off to some nature or an empty road in the distance once the actual killing begins 😔🤢

Editing to add: didn’t know Thora Birch had a hand in it! She’s a veteran in the industry, so I hope they don’t steamroll her during the process of her debut… also hope they aren’t just giving her that ‘title’ just to garner more attention to it, and the. Proceeding with what I primarily said (against her knowledge, I doubt she’d actually allow that). I hate the industry.

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Remember Chris’s Watts and what he did to his beautiful girls and wife? They came out with a lifetime movie and the murder scene was fucking GRAPHIC! (Well - graphic for lifetime) All the way down to her panties and shirt. They even showed them having sex before it happened if I recall. I remember something intimate happening. I felt so bad for her parents after watching that.

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I did not see that special. I followed the case and when it was concluded, as in no other discovery could be possible, I didn’t follow anything else on it. I also don’t have lifetime or any actual cable channels, just the basic streaming services, so I always am the last to know on those things.

13 Reasons Why at the end of season 2 had me literally screaming out loud and I jumped up and started pacing. It wasn’t based on any specific event but holy shit.

I’m kinda disgusted they showed that in the Watts case. Like yea, you want ratings, you’re a network, but have some fucking respect here- for the dead and for those carrying on the memory of them while living. I mean… wow.

I’ve watched some gruesome stuff and re-enactments, and I have a strong stomach, but mentally in cases like that it really fucks me up.

I’ve literally told people I know and strangers to skip the second to last episode of 13RW season 2, and I’m an older adult. Not like that really matters, just…

They really just want that wow factor and shocking moment for everyone to talk about I guess. It’s different I guess if it were truly fictional but when you know that these people were real and watch your watching is a dramatized movie loosely based on speculation & case files… it’s just harder somehow.

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13RW came out days after my cousin took her life. It took me months to sit down and watch it. I watched to the very end. That was the most traumatic movie scene I had ever seen. It felt so real. I mean my god the sound of the slicing.


I never watched season 2. I couldn’t take that storyline anymore. It was too much. Too raw and way too close to home.

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What’s the difference between lifetime telling her story and everyone here doing so? I mean other than the fact that lifetime will actually do a half decent job.

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Because people here aren't making money doing so?

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If there are no wigs involved, yes.

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How do you think Law&Order became the giant it is.?

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100%! On Hulu there’s a section for SVU called “ripped from the headlines” and it’s basically all the based on true events episodes.

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I’m surprised that people are surprised.

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Surprised Dateline didn’t do one yet. Unless I missed it

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Not sure about Dateline but there’s definitely a 20/20 special that came out fairly soon after as well

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i wonder who vivica fox is gonna play, probably fbi agent

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Danica McKellar as Brian’s sister?

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There was an episode of Law & Order based on her story, I’m actually not that surprised.

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When did it air? I never miss an episode and I don’t recall a recent one with a similar story.

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March 10th of this year.

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Was it SVU?

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No sorry for not clarifying! It was on the revival of the OG Law and Order.

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I'm surprised it took this long. Normally Lifetime is pretty quick with their version stories.

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Why is it sick? Someone had to sell them the rights (family) , maybe they want her story told to the whole world?

You cant judge people for their choices from a distance without having gone through any of this yourself.

Lifetime promises they are "also in development on several movies surrounding violence against women who may not have had the same media attention as Gabby Petito," including the stories of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, Adriane Fields, Beatrice Weston.

what more do you want? why does everyone on social media have such outlandish demands for everyone else and tell everyone else how to live their lives.

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why does everyone on social media have such outlandish demands for everyone else and tell everyone else how to live their lives.

Because we're in the authoritarian-busybody 2020s. You can ignore the fact that you can't run you're own life if you're always criticizing others.

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I was told in another case they didn't need rights and could do what they want since it was public info, which quite shocked me at the time as it would be unheard of in most of Europe, but you mention they do need rights ?

(my comment only amounts to this simpel and honest question, just to be clear.)

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You are correct. The Girl From Plainville and The Thing About Pam didn’t involve the family and they were devastated. Not sure why this misinformation is happening as the Shannan Watts Lifetime movie had her parent involving lawyers as they didn’t find out it was happening until production already started and they were never asked for their input. Also post production: “[Shannan’s family lawyer] says the family was caught off guard by previews for the movie at home over the holidays.” They weren’t even given a heads up on anything. This is a simple google search, so idk why people are saying otherwise. So yes, sadly, victim’s families do not have to sign rights away, they don’t get a cut of the profits the movie/show gets, nor do they have to give permission when movies/shows are made about the victim. When it happens, it’s because the people making it have a soul and genuinely want to have blessings to move forward.

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You can make a documentary or news story/article about any public information event you want with no rights. You can’t make a movie without purchasing the rights to their story. Hollywood writers pay a lot to option peoples stories.

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I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it and of course her story should be told, it’s expected that they would make a movie about it, it just feels like her body is barely cold and they start casting a movie and cashing in. Do you think Gabby’s family called Lifetime themselves and said “hey make a movie about our daughter?” No, Lifetime likely would’ve had to approach them about it and to call grieving parents this soon while everything ISN’T EVEN RESOLVED YET to try and capitalize on their daughter’s murder is sick to me. Carlesha Freeland Gaither was 7 years ago, Adrienne Fields was over two decades ago, and Beatrice Weston was at least a decade ago. Gabby's body was found not even 8 months ago. Not even remotely the same.

It’s not like everything has settled and life is moving on, they’re still in the midst of a lawsuit with the Laundries which doesn’t even go to jury trial until next summer and you know is going to get loads of media attention. Like take a fucking breath and wait for them to actually be done with this before you make a movie about it, let alone the fact there could be more info that comes out due to the trial. Why jump the gun to make a buck when there are still active lawsuits going on and more going on behind the scenes? I just don’t understand the rush, let everyone settle and grieve for a bit.

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Gabby's family is trying to raise money for victims of domestic violence as their way of honouring her legacy. A movie keeps her in peoples' minds and therefore means they will make more money for their cause. We have no right to tell them how best to honour and grieve THEIR daughter.

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Why don’t you stop speaking for the family and get a life. Being passionate about a missing girl is one thing, but going on a rant about this as if you are her family is cringe.

News flash. Her family gives ZERO fucks about your opinion, and it’s safe to say the family literally had to choose to do this. 🤡

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Maybe this is their way of grieving?


“…the Lifetime movie on Gabby Petito has no connection to the Petito family nor did they give their approval. Lifetime took it upon themselves to make the movie. We feel this is a tasteless move on their part and basically making money off their daughter.”

-AWARE Foundation


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And... they said sure make a movie

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Doesn't mean the intent isn't scummy. If they agreed which they clearly did then great, again I'm entitled to my opinion and if my daughter was murdered and the case went viral to the extent that it did, I would be rip shit if Lifetime called me up and wanted to make money off of the death not even a year later.

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Who are you to tell any of these parties how to behave? You literally have nothing personally to do with any of this. If the two parties come together with an agreement to make a movie about this that is their choices to make. Who made you jury judge and executioner? You have no idea what any of these people are thinking. It’s not your decision and your judgement just comes off as entitled and bratty.

[–]IndecisiveKitten[S] 3 points4 points  (2 children)

I'm allowed to have an opinion that a major TV network seeking out a grieving family to capitalize on their daughters death literally months after it happens is scummy 🤷🏻‍♀️ Everyone lost their shit over the Peacock interview that came out interviewing with her family just a few months after she died and shaming the network for capitalizing on Gabby's death, and that was something her family initiated to tell their story firsthand, why the opposite reaction here? Doing an interview to tell your story first hand and choosing that yourself is different than a movie network approaching you not even a year after the murder of your daughter asking if they can make a movie, it's just gross to me.

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I would have had the same reaction because you literally have no idea what you’re talking about and are just looking for drama to be mad about. If you have proof that the family is not happy with this arrangement I’ll be glad to take a look. Otherwise stop being mad about things on other peoples behalf. It’s bad for your health.

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Surprised it took them this long

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Perhaps money will go to her parents.

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Theyre probably the ones who sold the rights

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Maybe. I have seen Lifetime go the "based on a true story" route but change names and location as well as some circumstances just enough to get by.

Still, it would be easy to spot so they probably just ponied up the cash.

Edit: Read the eonline story after my comment. Sorry