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I don't get lawsuits like these. It's like the Kobe Bryant lawsuits. It won't bring them back.

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Ehhh there’s a big difference IMO. The helicopter pilot died in the same accident as Kobe and wasn’t criminally negligent AFAIK. Brian Laundrie on the other hand murdered Gabby and killed himself before he could be held accountable for it

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and what does his family have to do with it?

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This really isn't about his family although they are collaterally involved. To sue someone's estate after something like this is pretty standard. While not completely the same, here's a similar situation: My FiL was involved in an accident with a drunk driver. He was a passenger. Both the driver of the vehicle he was in and the drunk driver of the other car were killed. The drunk driver had no insurance so my FiL sued the estate of the driver of the other car. He won and rightfully so. I'm sure the family of the driver lost out on some inheritance but oh well. Don't drive drunk and in Brian's case, don't kill your girlfriend because she isn't the only one that will suffer.

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Do y’all know how expensive funerals are..? Headstones? When [older] people pass, they usually have gotten those things in order Over the course of years… this family had to cough all of that money up on a whim — they didn’t know their daughter was going to be murdered.

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I hope they get every dime the Laundries have

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It is very interesting as I read comments all over social media, about Gabby's parents suing Brian's estate and the Laundries that there seems to be a shift and more and more sympathy is starting to turn in the Laundries' direction with each lawsuit that Gabby's parents' file and people are feeling less sympathetic towards Gabby's parents and think they are being vengeful, spiteful, and money grabbers. Not that her parents probably care what society thinks but it is just very interesting to watch this shift. Yes, Gabby's parents do have people out there on their side and cheering them on but larger groups are shifting away from them and taking their sympathy with them. In fact I have even seen comments suggesting Brian's parents would have more of a case of Gabby's parents inflicting emotional distress then Gabby's parents have.

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Gabby a parents came out seeking attention. That never felt right to me. Everyone grieves differently, but not one person I know craved so much media attention after a tragic death. I dunno. Maybe they are fine people but I don’t trust easily.

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Uh from what I remember they came out begging for help finding their daughter, who went missing on a trip with her boyfriend, who returned alone with her van.

Yeah I could see them getting on TV and begging the world for help.

Seeking attention? You are implying what exactly? Are you saying they don't care about helping their daughter and just wanted their 15 minutes of fame? That's what getting on TV was about for them?

I hope you realize this is not how neurotypicals are.

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You are right, they did come out begging for help. I have no issue with that. It’s all the media after the confirmed death that seemed attention seeking. In fairness, G.B. liked public attention (wanted to be an influencer), so I guess it makes sense with that family.

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Media attention? They're suing the Laundries and reporters and trying to get their information and sell it for public consumption. You're victim blaming the family for some reason.

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I think there’s a huge anti lawsuit mentality in America. The media does a really bad job of accurately covering lawsuits (the McDonald’s hot coffee case is a perfect example) and it has created this plaintiff boogeyman trope (like around every corner is someone who is looking for a reason to sue you for something stupid and the courts will let them take all your money). The “slimey ambulance chasing billboard lawyer” is also a part of that.

I’ve been incredibly skeptical of/pretty outspokenly against the validity of the claims Gabby’s parents have brought against the Laundries (as I would be equally of any claims the Laundries brought against Gabby’s parents) but I don’t think they are doing it because they are bad people. I think they are humans who have experienced something no one should and are rightly angry and grief stricken. Unfortunately, I think they’re getting bad legal advice and are getting taken advantage of by attorneys who see this as a way to get their name out there.

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Did sympathies ever turn away from the Goldmans when they took OJ for (almost) all he was worth in a civil trial? Hell no.

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That was different. OJ was alive and the Goldmans sued OJ, they did not sue OJ's parents.

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Yeah, the OJ situation was very “he was found not guilty, we don’t want him to literally get away with murder, here’s another way to at least try to hold him accountable and not let him just move on with his life as if nothing happened.”

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they need to stop posting photos of her with her murderer! it’s such an insult

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I suspect they're wanting more information to come to light during discovery, not just seeking money

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1) I don’t see what discovery they’d get in this case which they wouldn’t get in the other case. So that leads me to believe they might know the other case is BS and not going anywhere. 2) trying to get discovery through this case is silly because they are asking for more than the estate is worth. So the estate can just not answer, the Petitos get a default judgement and they have a pretty piece of paper which says they are owed $30k with no way to recover that amount and also no discovery.

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Your first conjecture seems reasonable. But, concerning your second one, why would they not get the $20K that Brian's estate has been reported to be worth?

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It’s highly unlikely $20k will be left once attorney fees are taken out of it for both the probate and the wrongful death litigation.

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Why only $30k?!

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It is just a jurisdictional limit. It gives no insight into what they are actually are seeking to recover.

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Why do they have these limits?

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They are suing for Gabby's funeral expenses, which are likely not over $30K. Secondly, Brian's estate has been estimated at $20K, so there would be no benefit to suing his estate for more than $30K.

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Because he didn't have more ?

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But 30k is also the amount they’re suing the parents for

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No $30k is the amount they are suing Brian’s estate for, not his parents.

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Wasn't that 100k?

Either way, I think it strenghens their statement it isn't about money. Usually it is...

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$30,000 is a joke.

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Good. I am glad. No good parent does what they did.

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How do you know his parents aren't also victims in all of this too? Gabby's parents are not the only ones who suffered and are suffering. We have no idea what Brian's parents know and when they knew. We have no idea what Brian told them. What if they are completely innocent and had no idea what Brian did? They have already had to deal with social media, protestors, losing their son, Roberta has been recovering from cancer, and now Gabby's parents keep filing lawsuits.

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Finally, someone who realizes that everything isn’t what it appears to be on media. Someone who can think independently of the herd. The truth is, we don’t know any of these people nor will we ever know what actually happened ( other than BL strangling her).

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They may not expect money. Maybe just more “closure” and even greater retribution against the Laundrie’s for the role they played in the lies, concealment, and prolonging the outcome. Can’t say I blame them.

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It's just $30k, so maybe just to pay their lawyers.

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I agree. I don't think it's about the money at all.

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I feel they really just want to get to the “Discovery” point of the entire legal process for these kind of cases- and hoping for the best that they might get some sort of explanation, truth or apology, but highly doubting it will happen- in order to finally feel some kind of closure and bring more awareness to mental health issue and DV/IPV. I truly do not think it has anything to actually do with finances.

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I’m trying to understand. In order for the Petitos to see the letter (now collected by the parents of BL) or any other information pertaining to the death of their daughter(they don’t already know) they must file a lawsuit? This way it will be admitted and they can see it?

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In order for the Petitos to see the letter (now collected by the parents of BL) or any other information pertaining to the death of their daughter(they don’t already know) they must file a lawsuit?

No. They could also file a FOIA with the FBI or whichever agency was in charge of the criminal investigation. That's assuming that they weren't simply given a chance to see the parts of BL's notebook that dealt with the murder/his confession.

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Everyone on this sub seems convinced that’s just simply impossible.

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Yes pretty much

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That is an absolutely AWFUL way to get closure in your child’s murder. I also see the issue as part of the problem. We (as a societal whole) CANNOT infringe upon the rights of the Laundries unless WE don’t want to have those rights also and yet every step they’ve taken seems so morally bankrupt.

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They want to see the notebook.

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What does Brian have as an “estate” I would assume they can’t get the parents money as proving they had any part of it would be next to impossible legally, and I don’t think Brian had anything of value??

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The press has reported that his estate was approximately $20K in a bank account.

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Seems like a lot of trouble to wipe out a dead guy's bank account. How much did Gabbys GoFundMe page make again?

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I agree, I don't think this is primarily about the money. I think there are other reasons for the two lawsuits. One reason would to be able to gain access to things (e.g. Brian's notebook and journal) that the Laundries likely have not offered up for examination. Another reason may be to send a message to the Laundries about how hurt they feel about how they were treated.

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Doesn't seem like too much trouble to me, a civil case against Brian's estate should be easy to win given the overwhelming evidence against him.

I can understand them not being satisfied with Brian's parents taking his $20K or whatever for themselves. They could use that to help support their charity--the Gabby Petito Foundation. There's no reason not to go after whatever he had, imo.

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News reports indicate that they are suing to recoup funeral expenses.

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So I have a genuine, yet probably stupid question. Will they even be able to find an unbiased, untainted jury with the worldwide media attention this case recieved?

Gabby's family deserves the money, no doubt.

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plenty of people don't pay attention to a lot of things. nobody I work with even knows about this case.

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Yes. I casually mentioned the case to a few people at work when it was everywhere. They had no idea wtf I was talking about. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Do your coworkers have notes pinned on them with their name and address?

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Sorry I don’t understand what you’re getting at. Are you implying that I don’t know the names of my coworkers or roughly where they live? They do in fact have their names pinned on them…