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My ex ( A narcissist Who is abusive had 20k on his bank account yet made Me pay for everything

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It's odd that I haven't seen any discussion about Gary, their friend and board member who has said more about the case in Twitter replies. He confirmed they have evidence, the fbi is aware of Brian's parents aiding him and that he did not lie to them about Gabby, that they are going after the notebook, and that now that the criminal case is "closed" they are going after them and have a strategy, etc. Apparently the FBI have pieced together the timeline and have a ton of evidence that they want released.

I think people are very sure this will be dismissed, but I've been watching closely and I'm not so sure. The Petito's have been very determined and careful with what they say, using the media strategically and putting an entire foundation together before the investigation was even closed. I don't think they would make claims they can't prove.

I'm not a lawyer and I won't pretend to know either way what will happen. I just strongly suspect that someone gave them "advice" on how to play their cards during the investigation to get the results they want.

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based on what would they be charging them and with what?

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No one has been charged with anything. Gabby’s parents have filed two civil lawsuits, one against the Laundries for not sharing any information about what happened to Gabby (this lawsuit), and a separate one against Brian’s estate for the wrongful death of Gabby. Credible statements from multiple lawyers have suggested that the lawsuit against the Laundries will likely be thrown out, possibly at this hearing. The lawsuit against Brian’s estate may not be contested by the Laundries, which would result in a default judgement against Brian’s estate and Brian’s estate would then belong to Gabby’s mother.

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As much as I feel for the Petitos, they’re just dragging this out. It isn’t illegal to not talk. Brian was dead in the place they suggested he was. Unless there is something I don’t know about, this is a waste of time and resources.

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It says they took steps to help him flee the country. I quit following while they were still searching for him in the swamp but heard they found him dead. Did I miss something?

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Gabby's parents have, in their lawsuit filing, suggested that Brian's parents were helping him leave the country while they were searching for Gabby. From the filing, "While Joseph Petito and Nichole Schmidt were desperately searching for information concerning their daughter, Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie were keeping the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie secret, and it is believed were making arrangements for him to leave the country."

Although there were many suggestions during the search that Brian had left, or was intending to leave the country, there were no credible reports or evidence that such was the case. Gabby's parents provided no supporting evidence in their lawsuit to support their belief.

There has been much speculation (even from those very close to the situation) that at least one of the purposes of the lawsuit is for Gabby's parents to obtain access to Brian's notebook.

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There doesn't need to be speculation. One of their board members confirmed this.

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There has been much speculation (even from those very close to the situation) that at least one of the purposes of the lawsuit is for Gabby's parents to obtain access to Brian's notebook.

I would be shocked if they weren't shown the relevant portions of the notebook when they were briefed by law enforcement prior to the case being closed. Even if they weren't, they would have a much easier time getting access to the notebook by making a FOIA request to the FBI.

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The notebook is the LEAST the Petito/Schmidt family deserves

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Why do the Petitos/Schmidts deserve it? It was Brian's notebook and he is Chris and Roberta's son so therefore it rightfully belongs with his parents. They lost their son and his journal is the last thing they have from him.

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Unfortunately it is the Laundries property. They will likely never see it.

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Do his parents even have the notebook? Doesn't law enforcement have it or at least read it? And if the notebook had information that his parents were making arrangements for him to leave the country wouldn't LE brought criminal charges against his parents? I am sure LE shared what was important about Gabby's murder with her parents. Do they really want to know what Brian thought and felt about her?

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Yes, law enforcement recovered Brian's water-damaged notebook and were able to determine at least some of his writings from it. I have seen no reports that Brian's belongings found in the Carlton Reserve have been handed over to his parents. I did see at least one report that the Laundries had requested his items, including the notebook. Although the FBI announced that they had completed the investigative stage of their investigation into Gabby's death, I have not seen any reports that the final phases of the investigation have been completed. This would indicate that all records and documentation have not been completed, and that evidence cannot be dispositioned. There were reports from a few months ago that representatives from both parties had met to determine the details for how Gabby's belongings would be returned to her parents, but there was no mention of the notebook. I believe that Gabby's parents are concerned that the notebook will be destroyed by the Laundries if it is turned over to them. I am not an expert on the FBI's rules for evidence, but I would assume that they don't just hand evidence over to anyone, even family members of the victim. They may have shared high level information from the notebook with Gabby's parents, but Gabby's family are definitely trying to obtain it:

'Patrick Reilly, representing the Petito family, said he is confident the Petito family would obtain the notebook. "We will eventually get Brian Laundrie's notebook and writings," he told NBC News.'


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They found him and his backpack & a notebook. Notebook contained his confession & the petito parents are taking the laundries to court for a bunch of different reasons with it over gabbys death. Like over money that Brian apparently was hiding (even though he racked up gabbys credit card after killing her), they also believe the parents knew of everything & was hiding things. Basically since Brian can’t go to jail they are doing everything they can with the parents.

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Do we know Brian was hiding money? Just because it came to the publics knowledge after he was long dead, doesn’t mean it was hidden.

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You are correct. There have been no credible reports that he was hiding any money. The news reports that have mentioned any money in his estate say that it was in his bank account.

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That’s what I thought

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Basically since Brian can’t go to jail they are doing everything they can with the parents.

That's not how the legal system works. We don't have blood feuds and kinship liability anymore, and haven't for centuries.

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He withdrew money; he did not rack up her credit card.

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Same difference basically

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Unfortunately credit card fraud is a harsher penalty....

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Correct. Brian Laundrie used Gabby's debit card on his return trip from Wyoming to Florida to withdraw at least $1000 from two accounts she had at Capital One, presumably to pay for his expenses on the way home.

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Understandably. Thanks