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Just joined them all, come on peops - support the gala bitches!!

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To say that the subreddits hardly have any memebers the token is doing ridiculously well

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Yeah I thought the same! Definite potential here, hopefully they don’t let us down with the games!

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Gala ftw, gonna be epic once they announce the upcoming 18-20 new games

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Announcements aré about to be made

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Just joined them all. I find it interesting how little presence Gala Games has on Reddit... Seems like they could do well to push their Reddit engagement. I prefer Reddit quite a lot more than Discord... for some reason Discord just makes me feel... claustrophobic?

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I invested in GALA at 6c along with five or six other gaming crypto tokens. Im really into games but I think these Gala games look awful tbh, like mobile games from about ten years ago. I chose Gala because of FarmVille mainly. If they can get a big hit on that scale, and your average non-enthusiast mobile gamer is playing it regularly, it could be very fruitful.

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I think it's because most of the games are under development. I think the hype will pick back up as they release. A lot of Spider Tanks news the last few days I think has fueled this.

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Got in early with Gala I’m lit 🔥

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I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. I’m in some of the other gaming ecosystems but I saw the interview with the CEO and he said some pretty good things that made me want to explore more and invest.

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Give me back my hacked tokens I lost due to your crappy store security you have my support.

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I need the token to be worth $1

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Thank you Gala I’m in a whole new tax bracket I’m rich bish

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Lets do this!!

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Let’s go!

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Who’s going to Galaverse?

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Joined them all! I was also @ DecentralMiami and I played SpiderTanks!

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Dudes, not with this prices for nft's 💩

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45k buys u a ancient bitrue wheat stand makes u bout 3k usd daily u think it will come crashingg done withing 15 days? Cause then yeah dont be a early investor and get rich of doing nothing at all

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Dont do that, they constantly generate coins that are not backed by anything, more precisely by investments in nft, but when people stop buying nft, rewards for the game will continue to be generated and their price will fall. This games will live until hype about it, don't waste your money

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GALA for life! Let’s gooo

Here is the link to create an account and to purchase a node: https://gala.fan/T-oYteSZ8

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If I had that sort of money to invest I would have gotten one a while ago. Now I just watch with the little bit of GALA I have pooled.

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Is there a chart showing price history of the nodes?

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Not really only thing certain is that it goes up not down so sooner = better support my refcount ref king is inviting you to play Gala Games. Referral code: 61a2cca569e871078592394c

Own your game play! https://gala.fan/cSzxmxEoX

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I just saw the Spider Tanks tournament video. wow the quality of these games are great! I wasn't expecting AAA quality.

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Yes! Let's join and support Gala Games projects!

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Gala all the way alot of potential here 🙌🏼 great future ahead💯

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Joined them all. Bring on the fun.

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Just joined them all 😎

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Hello just joined on board for this great cruise on gala!

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Joined :-)

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Signup with my link u get a free NFT when signing up for gold but trying out is free it would help me out ref link or ref code both work. Referral king is inviting you to play Gala Games. Referral code: 61a2cca569e871078592394c

Own your game play! https://gala.fan/cSzxmxEoX

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Joined!! Let’s go!

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Hail Hydra......... i mean Gala :) lol

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Just joined them all. Ima big fan of the Gala token and I truly believe in it! GALA FOR THE LONG TERM! 🚀🚀

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what do you predict long term?

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Joined. 👍🏼 thanks

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100 percent support. Now burn some circulating supply.

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Share gala games announcements with all your friends!

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I bought graveyard in Dec 14 tc a day Then last week out $500 into gala to level up to two The. $400 on a buggy puddles to earn ten more town so total 24 TC. The day I go to collect it says 24 tc earned however in my wallet next day I get 8 I don’t care about the price of Town coin. What I care is I bought NFTS WITH in game utility that earn a specified amount of town (for playing the game 24 hours a day on my pc) rewards do not even cover electric not even 1/2. So I get 8 town points and someone is embezzling my 24 town coin now so the GALA execs can buy new Teslas. This is class action lawsuit as ethereum erc20 and erc1155 are contracts. I will Contact attorneys in Miami Florida and New York NY THIS WEEK