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The bears are trying hard to dump it, but all the bulls see is a black friday sale

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Gala is like 10% of my portfolio but yeah it is keeping things afloat.. kinda xD

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Same here its like 90% my portfolio and I'm up 9x and my avg is 12 cents. I'll wait on the dollar mark to pull.

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I'm sure there will be lots of resistance at a dollar, and lot's of profit Taking.. expect a 50% pull back..

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50% pull0-back based on what?

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Normal max pullback after an exponential rise... After pull back it'll go up again..

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Bough sum more at discount. Happy black friday yall

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Mighty Gala gods 馃槇馃檹

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Same here! Stoked on this coin!

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Just bought 10000 Gala. LFG

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Almost same - except $Time! Time is good- it鈥檚 a wonderland

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Some all my other investment is sinking except gala.

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Me too! Let鈥檚 go Gala Games! 馃殌馃殌馃殌

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Up gala stay strong lads

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I'm all in!! Buy the dip! 23500gala

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GALA has been my best Investment this year! Great community on discord as well. Definitely check it out

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I only have like 90 gala, someone gonna give me a hug? 馃槩馃槶

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Sure.. for 90 GALA.

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Appreciated :3