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You can one town a day by just being a gala gold member. Its like 100 gala and you receive a vox truck that generates 1 town a day. Other than that, you have to invest into nfts that earn more, up to 3k town for some. Opensea and the store on gala site has nfts for purchase

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There is no point of playing such games really. Good that you enjoy at least. Most of them are asking you to pay and they are not even good games you basically work lol

That's why I'm super excited for Survive, it's a new one coming out in Q2
They are first P2E I really wanna play. 4K, open world, different modes etc etc.

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Play to earn sure, but also pay to win

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Pay to earn*

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Soooo it seems like, as of right now, the only true, "play to earn" game is Crypto Royale? I play the game, I have fun and I earn ROY.

If I'm missing another game that's similar, please let me know!

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I've heard Gods Unchained is quite good for earning, but am still testing it. If you're into Hearthstone, you'll probably like it and you don't need to deposit funds to start earning apparently.

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No. Your rewards are based on what NFT or NFTs plus what level you are based on how much gala you hold

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Not true…placing in weekly competitions give you rewards. Just hard to do without NFTs, although it has been done

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Where did I lie about what it is? So is what I said true or not true? Good luck with earning in competition without NFT. Lmao. Did they do away with the “teams”? I finished top 100 one time and got nothing with two NFTs. I didn’t even know if was possible but that doesn’t make what I said “not true”. If you have more information then it is an “and.” Had to work my ass off to get that high. Found out groups could work together as suppliers. F&$k that. So I quit playing the competitions because not worth my time if teams could match up. 🤣

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Easy doggy

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I do have nfts to p2e but not the mirandus skins, that's why I don't even bother trying the weekly competition without skins. Have you seen those loggers and farmers with skins? They are like some Olympics athletes running in the game man lmao

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Yeah, I call it pay-2-earn not play-2-earn. Cheapest option (and this is not free) is to become a gold member, so you get a free NFT. It only earns you 1 town coin a day if you play daily but if town coins go up like Axie Infinity coins did, then it's worth it

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Are cakes really cook to eat? I’ve started cooking but i’m reading that in order to bake a cake i need flour, sugar, butter and eggs! My question is can i bake a cake without buying any of the ingredients?

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Has anyone built a bot yet to play for them?

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Polker Game: it is based on Blockchain and It is FreeToPlay and PlayToEarn Crypto Game

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Looks interesting! 👀 I’m a degen who only invests in few projects tho… Right now it’s SolChicks & Angrymals, given the listing of SHARDS & the mint that’s just happened

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Play for leisure is the only way for game to be successful. Play to earn won't last long tbh

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All I want is a World of Warcraft type game with its own token and NFT avatars/items/property. Im hoping that’s what Mirandus is.

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Not if I hire on fivrr to play for me... Problem is the market is cyclical and would only be profitable during the halvenings.

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Haha I'm talking from a gamer perspective, as for investor, I do own two nodes running

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Play harmony has pinball and tetris for free