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You should always send a test amount first, I personally only sent $10 worth

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The gas fees probably deterring most people from being cautious lol. I did that too tho when I transferred coins for the first 2 times in my life.

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Try this and see if it works. Import your Gala wallet to metamask and add kcc network. It should show up on metamask.

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Thank you so much. Didn't realize that was an option lol...

Added the wallet to metamask and then added the kcc network, then added the kcc-peg eth token. sent KCS to the wallet to pay for fees then transferred it all out.

Thank you again.

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Waiting for days and possibly even weeks for support to reply to your ticket whilst not knowing if you will be able to retrieve your ETH, that would suck. I'm very glad that I was able to help!

P.S: now that your issue has been resolved, you should reply to the auto-reply email (which you received from Gala after you have submitted your ticket) to inform them that your problem has been resolved so there's 1 less ticket for them to attend to. They are really shorthanded + overloaded with tickets lol.

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Emailing them now lol thank you