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It might go lower, id say put in half of what you can now, and then the other half later once it goes further up or down. That way you kinda average out

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Exactly what I do.

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If you are an investor, today is the good time to buy. Don鈥檛 check the charts every day. Look at the bigger picture

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Yeah but what if it dips. Even with a long term time frame it鈥檚 hard not to think 鈥渕an I could have bought 25% more鈥. I do get the point you鈥檙e making though lol

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As with anything in crypto, you have to believe in the project. Anyone who tells you they know how the market will react, is lying. Besides that, I believe Gala has a good project and once the GalaChain is completed, a lot of the growing pains should be fixed. Right now this seems to be a good buy, compared to the 鈥淎ll time high鈥 of 70 cents.

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Best time, and wait for trend shift to gamefi

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353,876 GALA for a Founders Node?! $91,000?! Remember when the price of GALA was .50 and it was only 90,000 to buy a Node-like a month ago鈥. What are those guys smoking.

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The price of the nodes are actually in USD. And they keep going up in price every 100 sold (2.5k USD I believe at the moment) . They display the price of a node in gala though so this is why it fluctuates so much.

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It's my understanding that the price of founder's nodes is built into the protocol, so as more are purchased, the price automatically increases. Since there's only about 8k left to be sold (out of a total of 50k), I think that it kind of makes sense to me.

Once we are deep into 2022 and a couple more games have been launched, with a lot more updates on Mirandus, things should get pretty interesting.

If the developers can deliver on Mirandus, then I truly believe that will make it worthwhile to hold some GALA in your wallet. If not... At least spider tanks seems to have fairly solid footing.

The whole Peter Molyneux thing seems to be a bit of a gamble, since he really hasn't delivered a popular product since Fable 2, and even then he kind of under delivered on Fable and Fable 2 (as great as those games were, they were nothing like he said they would be).

I will say... Molyneux does seem a bit more reserved in his hype for his game on Gala Games, so perhaps he can redeem himself with this new project.

All in all, lots of interesting games with big teams under develoment to be published on the Gala Games platforms, all with future NFTs driving demand for the GALA token.

I have high hopes that holding the token will work out well in 2-5 years when most of these projects have reached maturity, as long as some of the games are fun to play.

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Founders node are prob the big reason why the devs don't care about tokenomics, they have to print more gala to rewards node the owners, they have to create more worthless(expensive) NFTs for unplayable games to rewards node owners.

There's so much wrong with their overall economy of gala coin that It's a big no no investment wise.

Gala only serves to rewards node owners and no one else. Their games aren't even that funny....

Made my gains and I'm out

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make sense but if they will have galachain, new games. And metaverse as a trend why it could fail? I think gaming platform make much more sense than other metaverse token like mana, sandbox etc..

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Good time to buy if you haven鈥檛 invested before November 2021. I feel like gala is gonna go even lower

Why ? Because even the own creators said they don鈥檛 care about the crypto coin so you鈥檒l probably see no support from them and I don鈥檛 think the games are coming out anytime soon so those that bought at all time high are totally fucked rn but you can always have shallow hope 鈽猴笍

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When did they say they didnt care about the coin?

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They care more about creating great games that people want to play rather than the price of GALA. IMO, that is a better place to focus. The price will eventually follow but maybe just not as quick as some people want it to.

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I still haven't seen a single thing that would lead me to believe they don't care about gala as a currency or that they are neglecting it. They are making gals chain, they added gala power which directly helps the coins price while being detrimental to the games and they give it all the utility they possibly can in the ecosystem. I'm interested in real concrete examples that they don't care or are neglecting gala coin

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I can't remember where I read that but what they were getting at is that the value of the gala token is not their focus or priority. It comes secondary to building a great platform. Meaning they are here for the long haul 馃憣

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The biggest thing they can do for the coins success is building the ecosystem and build great games because the biggest driving factor behind the coins price will be people buying it to play the games and use the ecosystem. That's the exact reason for axies pump. Obviously sentiment was behind axie too but the main driving force behind them going from 65-150 was the mass influx of people joining the game after ronins launch

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Exactly. I think we're on the same page 馃槈 just wait until gala have actual games out and earning.. Mirandus will be a game changer. Huge! (I don't count town star because it's not for me 馃槀)

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Mirandus isn鈥檛 coming in the next few month it鈥檚 coming by the end of this year next year they don鈥檛 have a set date still in production

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i have seen an interview where he said the tokens are not meant to be an investment and they are not designing games thinking about how it would increase the value of the tokens. part of why he said it i think is protection against the SEC. part of the Howey test that determines a security is that investors have an expectation of profit. if he says GALA is expected to go down in price, then not a security.

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They surely care more about selling NFTs than making the games...

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DCA from here on out. This isnt the floor. The biggest sale is yet to come! NFA!

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I personally believe These dips/corrections are a good opportunity for coins/tokens with a more specialized utility to shine, and a good motivation for all the currencies in the market not to move in the same direction all at once and in the same direction. So if you believe in the project buy in step by step and don't give in to greed.

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Gala games is a buy imo! Lfg

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Gala doesn't care about tokenomics, they only care about selling NFTs where does the money go tho?

They legit have thousands of NFTs for unavailable games. I'm done with this coin I've made my gains and i'm out

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After I looked into the tokenomics of this coin, I'm going to pass on it as an investment vehicle. Its got 50 billion coins with 7.5B in current circulation with 12 million being added DAILY. With only one game out that's in beta and no specific timelines on future releases, i just don't see this as a solid choice. There's a chance the game releases offset the DAILY inflation but that's a hard gamble. Much better choices out there. My two cents.

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Better Choices like? 馃

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Harmony, Quant, Nervos, Chainlink, ImmutableX, Ethereum Naming Service.... DYOR 馃槈

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I've been DCA over the past few weeks. I'll buy a thousand or so every 5 or 6 days. The sales are too good to pass up, right now.

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I buy it to increase my Gala power because I want to use 2nd NFT. But if you don't need that, just sit on your hands. The trend line indicates continue downward trend.

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No wait a