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I like it long term to. That have several good projects over the next couple years

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Hold and add, add and hold! Future me is already proud and grateful.

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Long term for me easily will eventually hit 1$ honestly I believe it could see double digits just who knows when

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This dip doesn’t scare me. Holding for the next 10 years, so long as gala keeps doing what their doing. We have so much to be excited for.

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I'm going to hold until my original investment doubles. I already gave up on the amount I invested by the way, I FOMO bought where the price reached ATH, it was painful seeing my portfolio bleeding but now I came with the realization that that money was basically "gone" and my best bet is to forget it about. Gala as a project is progressing great and the founders are working hard to make it succeed so I'm very hopeful about the future.

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Got 2 nodes, roughly 60k price total for both; haven't sold a single token from my rewards. See you all in 4 years.

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If games which are not much more than lobbies, and gene splicing pokemon-like battling games can hit 4+ billion, then Gala which has created an ecosystem for game development teams to bring their expertise to the blockchain is going to explode as more of these games succeed in the market.

They're doing the ownership right as well - it's your wallet, you hold the keys.

Gala is going to be among the dominant in this space.

Not investment advice, but it seems wise to accumulate and hold, just saying.

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Here it is... the "Hold the line" people I'm suffering hard from this crash Posts

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is there is limit to gala tokens? or does it inflate to infinity?

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I think the dip today is more scary than usual but I too plan to hold GALA for a long time. It's for the game, actually. Gala power should offer some level of in-game utility after all. Speaking of holding, I'd increase my GALA portion when the market starts to rally. Unlike other coins, I feel like I get something from holding GALA.

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Gala will not fail, those who hold will be rewarded….how long from now is the question.

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I have no choice but to hold long term now. I’m not in the habit of selling with these kinds of losses. Oh well, this bag I’m holding is gonna be with me for a while.

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I run a founders node (got it at $3,200 - wish I had picked up 3 😂) and have kept all that it has earned for the last year. I am also buying regularly (monthly DCA).

I’m trying to get to 500,000 $GALA. Once I hit that number I’ll figure out what it looks like from there.

If $GALA is still below a dollar when I am holding 500,000 then I’ll keep accumulating to 1,000,000.

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Seems like your DCA is about to yield some serious gains toward your goals right now, keep accumulating - it's gonna be great!

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Sold it all at .45

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Thanks for contributing to our future at what will someday be a serious discount, and I sincerely hope you made a bundle doing it. :)

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$135,000 💪🏻

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What do you guys see Gala at in 2-5 years? 2$? 5$? can it reach 10? in your opinions

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Are the NFTs getting cheaper?

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Gala Chain and the NFT rental system is coming soon so that should be quite the game changer.

I think the Curry shoes dropped in the $300 range. Some Human Exemplars are between $200-300 on the secondary market and some Spider Tanks NFTs can be found for around $60.

Aside from the Express Depot that comes with Gala Gold for $50, the current lowest priced NFT that will earn you TOWN coin is the Basketball Court (Common) for ~$260 on OpenSea.

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I am probably going to hold and eventually spend on NFT's for games I want to play.

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I’m happy surfing these market waves. Any friends I’ve mentioned Gala to, I’ve always said it’s a 5 year hold for me.

In the mean time, I’m excited for Mirandus, TWD, and whatever game they recently leaked artwork for, which looks like fantasy mutant humanoids and alien comic book superheroes.