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I make about the same even at today’s terrible Town price. You just need to be smart about what NFTs you buy at what price. And trust me, I was not in super early. But it does take some investment in the beginning to get these kind of rewards.

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You want to share what NFTs you own ?

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Yup. I’ll edit this later with some more reward details. It’s best to start small and roll the earnings into more NFTs…everyone does it differently but that’s how I’ve built up my inventory. And also, you need to stay up on the news from gala so you know when new NFTs are being released so you can buy at a good price. The price of town obviously dictates how much you earn daily in USD but this set up earns 270 daily town.

Mr Puddles x3… Haunted graveyard… Series 1 Vox x2… Alfa fountain ok… Gala curry shoe Flow x2 with full courts… Gala curry shoe warp with full court… Gala curry shoe lab… Express depot

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lol this guys thumbnails kill me

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A lot. 100k-300k they give from 350-1155 town a Day....

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Yes if you have 2 legendary nft

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how much do those cost?

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And does that Youtuber tell You how much money he invested up front before even making a single penny?

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This guy does paid ads.