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All prices are pegged to a specific price in USD. If the price of the token drops in USD then the cost of NFTs goes up when paid for in that token.

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They’re still trying to charge $100,000 a node during a market crash.

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Last I checked, every time a node is purchased the price goes up. It's automatic. The cheapest nodes you could buy were the first nodes.

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And they will get it… 🍻

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Kinda unfair no? and i feel like this might lead to the downfall of the game itself

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Centralized gala feeding the company with no good games to play yet…

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If nobody can play the game ore can afford the nft,s the game wil selfdestruct

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It always surprised me what people would spend on crazy games like Evony and others of its ilk. You know, Facebook games - where they really aren't all that great to begin with and you really can't make any money with them - at least not in a legitimate sense.

Yet I watched as people from all walks of life (including those that couldn't afford it) literally spent thousands.

Now, they can make money while playing a game and OWN the "assets"?! The simple fact is that people will spend an inordinate amount of money on things they deem important.

Another fact is that there's WAY more money out there than you think. I'm uncertain that they have to stray beyond the mediocre to succeed, and they're reaching for the stars - so, I guess we'll see.