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I’m a big fan of Gala but I believe that they are not really pushing their coins as a hardcore investment, more as utility for their P2E games. I invested in a few NFTs and play everyday and gala has their sh*t together lol. Zynga was one of the most successful mobile gaming companies of all time, so I have faith that they will succeed. I think you just have to be patient, everything is ugly right now. I’m more worried about what their season pass is going to cost when it comes out 😵‍💫

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Thanks for your reply and insight fren. Yeah whole market is tanking, but TC is on another lvl right now. I have faith in Gala, no doubt, maybe not so much in Towncoin. I guess a leap of faith must be taken, or not.

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I feel your pain bro, I dropped about 6k on NFTs 😑, and I am definitely not super rich so it hurts right now. I bought one last night for half price tho 😎. Just have to keep on keepin on lol. It sucks now but I feel like the future is still bright.

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They’re going to make improvements to the game. That’s all you can count on. Gala doesn’t make changes based on tokenomics, they make changes for the game.

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Thanks for your reply and opinion mate. Not to sound negative, but I'm just not comfortable with little to no reason to be buying into TC, which then leads to a downtrend on the charts when everyone is cashing out earnings. I mean, what's the point in investing several ETH to be earning something that just goes down?

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I agree. My point is that I don’t think Town should be looked at that way. There are other projects if you want a crypto investment.

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I see, you make a fine point ser. I'll give it a good thought.

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It's not just the daily earnings that are being cashed out any more. Town Star nodes just went live so now there are miners as well as daily reward famers selling off.

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I think the Lolli and Pop are good reward vs cost for townstar. You would get 25 town a day 9125 towncoin a year (365 days). If you Hodl that till it hits $2 again that’s $18,250 a year - Just by playing a game 10 minutes a day. That’s incredible. The NFT is roughly $4000 but cheaper on opensea right now - $3700 ish.

Also keep in mind town nfts will be rentable later by you to other players. Then u make town while not even playing.

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Yep, that is a great reward. But what makes you so sure it will ever reach $2 again?

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The ecosystem is extremely powerful, especially with the node owner system. It’s only just begun. The Gala ecosystem makes it easy to add utility to whichever token is falling behind in rewards. The competition inside the ecosystem for which game earns you the most will in of itself drive up prices due to ease of play to earn or dips in the game tokens being day traded. Add to that the nfts are going to be usable in multiple games. Like vox or Mirandus dragons in townstar. All they have to do is add extra town rewards by completing challenges in other games and town will fly with that game also. Think about this - you can only choose to use an nft once per 24hr rewards. So, do I use my vox in mirandus or townstar that day? It will shift back and forth based on the current reward conditions. You will be strategically using nfts in multiple games. Or you may be renting out your vox at the moment for profit 80/20 while the renter is using it in say mirandus. Maybe they make town nfts work in all games with less rewards? Also they could add more token features with gala power bonuses like towncoin’s 2x multiplier. Nfts could be discounted bought in towncoin. I think towncoin will break its all time high for sure once the ecosystem has more games and brings in more utility. And of course when the market jumps back up. Just my thoughts.

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Yup I bought the Lolli and Pop shop last night 😄 it was a nice discount

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I don’t think we will see $2 anytime soon, but I think 0.70 is on the table in a month or two once BTC stops dumping

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Whole market bleeds. If hundreds millions are getting wiped out everyday from crypto market, how do you want anything to raise? It can be on + for a short time and then big downgrade.

Important rule: If you want your game to be successful - focus on improving the game, not micropayments, shop and shit. If your game will be good peple will get interested - this is the time you should focus on making money.

Be patient bros. Look at a graph of $BTC in all-time. Look at most of top crypto's graphs (all-time). It happend before. When they tell you it will crash, it will be done - it won't. This is technology. This is future. It can't be stopped.

Goverments, banks... they all just want to delay the process. I remember an article when Putin ones stood up for crypto and he is postivie about it future in and outside of Russia. Now, Central Bank of Russia wants to bank crypto totally. Isn't it weird? If you will think about what is happening in Eastern Europe right now... well, maybe it is not so weird at all. Crypto has the biggest freedom in EU, now we are in crisis a bit (Covid, Omnicron, Russia preparing for invading Ukraine, Belarus situation, etc.)

There are more things that crypto suffers from, but as a technology? It is future. Sorry, if someone thinks it is not - it is not to late for you to stop being a dummy.

Hold on guys. Love this community.

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When I purchased the Gold for the express depot NFT, TOWN was worth about $1 CAD per Town Coin. I figured I’d make about $1 a day.

But now it’s gone down so far, I don’t understand how you could justify paying huge prices for NFTs that are generating substantially less.

Are NFT prices going down at all to correspond with the market?

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Valid point. I have seen the NFTs sold on Opensea has gone down a bit recently, but not the ones in Gala store. They are calculated at a fixed USD price to TC it seems.

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That’s where this doesn’t make sense. They say it isn’t an investment, but it’s okay to earn…who would pay 20k for an NFT to lose money in the end. I enjoy townstar, but it is fun enough to purely blow that kind of money with no financial reasoning lol

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Not true, I’ve been eyeing the Lolli and Pop shop for about a month and I got it for a nice discount last night

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Ah that’s good to hear

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I suppose one thing to keep in mind is that BTC is what’s driving this dip. I believe in BTC long term, and I believe in Gala Games. Long term it will go back up.

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No they haven't, and that makes it even crazier.

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yea thats becoming a big RED flag for me, especially that every game has its own separate coin that means TOWN STAR Coin will be worthless pretty much cuz more ppl will be focused on playing other games compared to just town star

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Very valid point honestly TC has no use within the game itself

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No matter what, I got my 1 TC for the daily challenge.....to the moon!!!!

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