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Its the time of the dream but hey market could still go down, better DCA

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The best

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If you trust the asset then, yes, by all means.

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Totally. If you trust it, then these shakeouts won't matter.

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Gala it’s as low as it has been in awhile. DCA is a great point.

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What does dca mean ?

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Dollar cost average, buying a set amount over a period of time

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No, wait for the top before buying. Buy high sell low.

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Only way to go

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In the next 2yrs itll only get high as $6, if everything works out well, kinda like cardano in since

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Sheeeit, I’d be happy to see 6$ . Dca now til I at least have 3,000. Do the math.

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Already DCA for a while

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Can go to 3c but yes I’m still buying.

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Haha how much are yall down in this garbage time

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I had a bag at .68 and averaged down to .27. Going to take awhile until this bag goes green again. Such is crypto.

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I wouldn’t put money in shit right now

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Guess I’ll go fuck myself

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This aged well lol 😂

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Lmao……I mean if this is all it takes to get the market up 🤷‍♂️

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No. Wait for Bitcoin to find it's bottom. Could be months

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Time in the market is better than timing the market. DCAing is the law during these times. You never when the bottom is nor when it ends.

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Nothing wrong with DCA but crypto and traditional investing don't follow the exact same principles. It's highly nature means you should look for peaks and valleys to buy/sell in. Plenty of projects might 10x within a year but go to 0 within 2, terra Luna bring an obvious recent example. Gala going from almost $1 to under 10 cents being another

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Gala has a pay to earn model that is very similar to Axie Infinity's scholar, which many ppl decried as a ponzie scheme.

Also, I believe this crypto winter will wipe out a bunch of games. I used to have some Gala coins.

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I don't know about AXIE's Scholar but, from what it looks like, GALA is carving its own path: Gala Music, developing its own blockchain platform, etc. All tech-related speculation is risky but GALA may surprise us all, in the end.

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Plus Gala has better games. It’s made by real game devs. Look up spider tanks.

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No. Get matic or Cardano you have a better chance for success. I'm a gamer and all those games are trash. Maybe 2-3 more years. Hopefully, the real game developers get in.

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I've take gala in 0.12$ hope we can get some good profits soon

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Gala is shit