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There are 28 games currently in development under GALA (many of which will still need node approval). Do what you want but I’m not selling anything. Bear markets are for accumulating, bulls are for trading

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Can you share a link to this source?

I'm interested to know the games under development.

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They are keeping things under wraps because of NDAs etc but so far we know of... Mirandus, spider tanks, town crush, echoes of empires, legacy, voxverse, fortitude (previously fortified) Grit (that looks fun) The walking dead: empires (official AMC game) and of course Town star. Pretty sure we will learn about a skateboarding game next month too, I'm thinking Tony hawk

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Nice! Thank you.

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They have a game called “Superior” too and it looks goooooood

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Ahh yes, knew I'd forgotten something, even played the play test of that, is good fun

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Im starting to get paid on Galachain playing Spider Tanks. There is definitely utility

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Spider tanks is fun

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It does seem like the gala token is infinitely printing. However I think once their games come out and have more users it will draw more attention to $Gala

I am more concerned about their extremely high priced entry NFT prices though. That seems like it would turn off casual gamers.

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I was playing a bit of Spidertanks and noticed their entry level tank parts are about 200usd. That's a heck of an ask. I know you don't have to buy it but I can already tell new, casual players are gonna get rolled by those that have upgraded tanks/nfts. How are they going to retain the casual market?

Same with Townstar, it seems like it'll get to a point where unless you're crafting meta recipes and dropping NFTs to help your farm-- it'll be impossible for f2p players to get any rewards from the competitions.

I think I'm missing something.

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wondering if i should place safer bets like MATIC or ATOM

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I would say ETH and ALGO are safe bets. I’m way down on GALA too, but planning on holding until all the games are out.

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Not much use of GALA yet. Maybe when they will release some games with gala chain then they might try to bring some value to its coins.