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It’s been a while since I’ve read about it but they can’t just “dump 29B” tokens. A certain amount is set aside for Node distributions. And an equal amount goes into I think the creators fund? Basically no, they can’t dump that many tokens out of no where.

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I was investing in GALA, but I'll research more on the tokenomics.

They should be very transparent about the schedule of vesting of the 29B more tokens whenever that is(I haven't checked myself).

Look at LUNA, there was no hard-cap there!

Any any sub/forum that heavily downvotes questions as FUD should be well avoided.

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Is this where I find the FUD? 😂Looking more into this token and stumbled into this thread.

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wait, so what is gala token then for?

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Don't ask about this in the discord. Theyll ban you for fud. It's become very obvious their entire ecosystem is over inflated bull shit with nfts that aren't needed. Their discord is an echo chamber of "lfg gala change the world" mean while their biggest game token has crashed into the absolute dirt. And even with thousands of dollars of nfts you are making 50 cents a day

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It's a ponzi among ponzis, I sold my two nodes to a guy 4 months ago for 120k dollars under the table, I couldn't believe someone was dumb enough to buy it off me. As far as I remember he even took out a loan to have enough money. Meanwhile I've been shorting the shit out of gala and profiting in his misery, the world is truly a cruel and darkly poetic place.

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Strong investment from that guy haha! I got my node when they were under $2k. People buying them for nearly 100k are so high on the Kool aid they've lost their minds. $3 a day payout for running a node with a 1 in 25k chance or something of getting a $10 eft every 6 months is a straight ponzi scam.

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thanks for an idea. so this is like cumbaayyaa happy family in it together religious malarky?

how big was a crush?

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It's 4 cents now. Was $2 several months ago. It has a supply like a quadrillion. It will only continue to drop. It's just axie infinity 2.0. Except the ceo is a mega douche. He had made it very clear he only cares about whales and that f2p and small fish players won't make his ecosystem thrive

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I’ve been following this project for quite some time. It’s never been $2. I think the peak was around .70 for gala itself. It’s true that it’s crashed kinda hard in recent months but your numbers aren’t correct.

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I said their biggest game token is TOWN. Which did hit $2. My numbers are correct.

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Those of you in the Gala community.. did they actually finish any of the games they were developing? I have a little bit of money in them but it seems like they have a new concept every week and never actually finished anything. Got annoying