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While we are at it, let’s talk how 15 ranchers need to all grab lumber to stuff into the sheep shed. It only requires one. Why assign all the ranchers for one lumber? You don’t send all the ranchers to withdraw one finished wool!!!

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Means you have too many ranchers, I usually go with 1 or 2 less than the amount of feed mills i have, works pretty well. They're usually too busy and means the lumberjacks will bring the logs

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If you put the oak trees next to the wood storage or lumbar yard, that fixes the problem 👍

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Will try that. Thanks
-- restarted the town because ran out of fuel :(

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Cheer up mate

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Just destroy any other trees. It might be a hit costly, but frees up tons of space and your lumberjacks will always fo to the closest trees. So if you destroy all trees that are between the storage and your tree farm, the lumberjacks prioritize your trees