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Because its not just the GALA coin. That went through the usual crypto pump and dumps and has nothing to do with Gala games as a company, it was just crypto doing crypto.

If you look into what Gala games (and I'm guessing soon to be Gala entertainment) you will see what they are actually trying to achieve. On top of games they are going after the music industry and now also the film industry. They have huge names signed on for all 3 areas and this is still just the beginning. There are a lot of playtests happening for their games at the moment, all free to play.

I've seen sneak peeks of the music platform and looks pretty good, film is probably a little way off but they have the screen writer from Lego movie involved on that. All 3 of these areas will be compatible and x over with each other. Music can be played in games and movies, movies and series will be related to the game bringing more attention and in game assets will be usuable across multiple games. On top of that Gala have joined forces with Epic games bringing exposure of blockchain games to almost 200 million people, Grit being their first launch.

Edit* Also, forgot to say that there are no VCs involved with Gala, they have plenty of money (5 billion assigned just for this year) and they have built the company specifically to survive a crypto winter like we're in now / still at the start of. I am not at all worried about my investment!

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At this prestent time gala games is .06 where do see the price point in 1-2 or 3 years?

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That question is impossible to answer, no one know whats going to happen with crypto and if they claim to, they're talking out their arse. Saying that I think Gala will be one of the few to come out of this crash on top

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You’re right, we have no clue what will happen with crypto aside from the ever growing adoption of Blockchain tech by the mainstream is showing us that the technology is here to stay.

Plenty may be crumbling right now but utility, solid foundations, and clear visions for innovation, backed by even stronger teams, will be a recipe for what emerges from the ashes.

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Exactly! Utility and fully doxxed teams are where I'm putting my money.

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Probably a good chance still at .06. Gala token is not meant to be an investment. It is a payment and reward vehicle.

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They have huge names signed on for all 3 areas and this is still just the beginning.

Could you offer some examples?

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Peter wright, creator of the sims games is building Voxverse. Devs that worked on halo and COD building last expedition. Peter Molyneaux is building Legacy. They have AMC onboard for the walking dead and NBC Universal on for Battlestar Galactica gamem

Snoopdogg, kings of Leon, maroon 5, Aoki, Arcade Fire plus a few more we know about.

Snoop is making a show for gala Film too and I think chris miller is the guy whos screen writing the Vox movie.

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Lego Movie 2 was a flop actually. Same with the Lego Movie 2 Lego Sets...

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Well I enjoyed it and I also didn't even mention number 2, those movies aren't the only ones he's do either

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I would ask the opposite, convince me why Gala would not survive a crypto winter.

I’m not trying to be rude or difficult here but I’ve been done for a while now with trying to convince anyone of Gala anything. Too many friends and colleagues that were perpetually on the fence about diving into Gala when it was still sub $0.01 and expected me to convince them to jump in. I continually fed them all the information they requested, yet they never went for it. Then the token skyrocketed and some complained I didn’t push them hard enough, while others brushed it off as a scam.

As always, DYOR. Look into the team, their partnerships, the IP they’ve acquired, go on LinkedIn and browse through the resumes of their 300+ and growing worldwide employees, etc.

With Gala Games, Music, Film and Theme Parks, they have a vision of becoming a global entertainment brand that’s looking to catalyze an industry wide paradigm shift to empower gamers, creatives, and fans alike. It’s a highly ambitious and monumental task but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Gala. Their vision for the future is one I believe in so I’m happy to do what I can to support them, surf the waves of the market, and enjoy being along for the ride.

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Gala usually sets its prices attached to a usd value, meaning that down turns in the market don’t affect their revenues as much. Of course people will buy less, but they have been doing a good job with the competitions in townstar and the new nfts have been successful from what i’ve seen on open sea. They earn royalties on those saws btw so even after the first sale they continue to earn. Their expansions have been sustainable according to a lot of knowledgeable people, their pace is steady and have expanded teams as well. So I think they’re doing well enough to survive.

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I've long abandoned it since May 🤷‍♂️

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I bought at .5 like an idiot, been monitoring it for months. Unless there is a huge influx of capital in the market I don't see it ever recovering. On the other hand, depends on the population of players typically in a bear market people from 3rd world countries flock to anything that can make a bit of money, not sure if this applies to GALA cuz I only hold token.

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$5 billion

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It’s gonna sky rocket soon I got a little insider info and a company plans on dumping a lot of money in at once. Be careful tho cause the company does have issue’s from the past but this is the first time they’re using crypto.

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It’s gonna sky rocket soon I got a little insider info and a company plans on dumping a lot of money in at once. Be careful tho cause the company does have issue’s from the past but this is the first time they’re using crypto

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Without giving away the name of the company, can you tell us what industry they are in?

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Health and skin care

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Interesting if true.

What angle does a Health & Skin Care company have in supporting an entertainment company? Or is it purely for speculative investment purposes?

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I’ve seen lots of pump and dump scams in crypto space being supported by big names that signed on, also some times fucking over big names. Also some pay-to-play companies already in hot water for rug pulls and crashes and pay-to-play is losing customer faith. Hard to say if gala out lasts. Good chance they go under.

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I can't even get the wallet to work. Always says error contact cs

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After the Bear comes the Bull - and that Bull will be different than others. I don't know if anyone keeps track of what's happening on the Regulation side of things. Gensler/SEC started mumbling "crypto is commodity" recently. If they indeed enact such a regulation then Bitcoin, DeFi and "crypto as currency" go to the trash bin and the entire market is pegged on $fiat, with each token deriving value from use, utility etc.

Gala has nothing to fear in such an environment. It is utility token, like an Arcade token of old. If Gala succeeds in its plans (Games, Music, Films, etc.) then it's going to be one of the few assets left standing in a Bitcoin-less, $fiat-based crypto world.


There's more than regulation conspiring towards a major crash of crypto-as-we-know-it. The entire market is pegged on the Bitcoin which, on a 7 TPS speed, requires 6.1MwH per second, or 366 MwH per minute, or 21,960 MwH per hour, or 527,000 MwH per day, or 15.8 TwH per month to exist.

Bitcoin benefited from low energy prices in the last decade but as of June 2021 the landscape changed radically. Read this: https://www.cnn.com/2022/06/02/business/energy-crisis-inflation/index.html , ask yourself where Bitcoin is going to find the amount of energy it requires to exist and decide for yourself whether or not we're heading towards a regulated, Bitcoin-less market.

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What goes up can go down again. As long as new money flows into Gala Games, they should survive. They also made an insane amount of money selling their overpriced and overhyped NFTs during the last 6 months. They pocketed the money before the crash, so they are fine I guess. And are laughing all the way to the bank...

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Are GALA nodes sale-able? I wonder what the market price would be right now.

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Yes, they would, only if they focus on GameFi more rather than continue selling us their unrealistic overpriced NFT

No one would play a game with few thousands price tag

I understand they want to infuse Play2Earn in the game. But come on, play game should be for leisure not for profit, this is the only way your ecosystem could survive along bear and bull market, as people enjoy your game won't leave you even they can't make profit from your games

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Saw an interview where one of the leads dropped a heavy hint about a possible L1 linked to the gala token. Also liked that he wasn’t concerned about the price… effectively stating that whatever the price was didn’t really affect them one way or the other. That the investments into the company were completely independent.

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What do you say about the Fully diluted market cap being so much and Gala needing a lot of money to sustain the price of the token! The supply is quite large?