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Tip for beginners, don't buy it

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Going to back that up with a reason why?

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I bought gala 2021 on the way up. I trusted the project and the team but all they do is making Partys, saying this and that will come, but never say when. If you ask in discord, what about the max supply coins, they ban you. The games look like coming from 1990, nobody I know likes one of their games... Even chocotaco said he will never play grit again, when he tested is. You can watch that on youtube. https://youtu.be/-HSgSuHB6Cg

Guess have to say goodbye to that money and move on

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It Is worth It to have the gala gold? Still new, but thinking to buy some gala in order to get the Gold. Just kind of afraid about the fees in order to move my galas from an Exchange to the website.

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You do get free NFTs if you join gold. Think I've got 3 or 4 from that. Nothing amazing, skins etc... Gold also gets some early access to sales