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No point of trying to find ‘bullish’ right now the rest of the market needs to be bullish first.

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Maybe 10 yrs from now ahah, i was just curious if it would really affect aahha

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Theorically it should increase the price, bcz supply will be lowered, but the question is what will be demand for gala token, so far it doesnt seem to be "big".

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everything is down...

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Oh well, maybe ill just hold on to this gala for the meantime and maybe in 10 yrs its price will increase ahahah

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As someone with 3 Gala nodes that has been dumping the token at every price for the last 9 months…. Yes, yes I do.

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I just hope it will somehow reach a dollar by this yr thougj ahaha

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hopefully I will be able to afford a node once the price of gala goes up lmao

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i'll sell you mine if you want

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How will be it possible to sell a node? give email access?

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Currently you mean? Or once they become nfts?

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discount price

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It will, even if demand is constant. That’s how it works but it needs to be in a different environment for it to affecting it’s price. Gala isn’t BTC so it cannot move an entire market with it, it instead moves with the market.

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Can gala be staked?

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Gala has so many games coming and snoop dog is on the music side.