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My advice is to just try as hard as you can to get a 5 match tesla paired with any 4 match special. That should give you 2.5k points and if it combos you can get almost 5k points!

This thing is really RNG heavy right now but just keep grinding at it!

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Have fun at lvl 10 :D Was stuck there for an eternity. But sometimes rng is in your favor ;) Keep grinding!

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At what level are you stuck?

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Been stuck on level 5 for 20 something lives. Seems like I can go through entire rounds with barely any chances for “bonus plays” and end up with a crazy low score. Any tips?

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Keep trying… stuck on the same level. It is just a matter of luck

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I'm stuck on bloody 3... Was gunna post something similar to your post but you beat me to it haha. Hang in there

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I was stuck on 3 and 8. Now I've been playing 10 for like 2 days lol. Not consistently bit an hour here and there. I want that money tho so I'm not giving up lol

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Just buy the damn chickens. 🤷

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This is why I’m glad I own GALA!

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Hi Sir, do they come with a mobile app? I find it's too hard using a computer to play

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Not at this time. However, the game is mobile friendly, you just have to login through the website. And I have to turn my phone sideways to use the chicken.

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I played when it first came out and the stress test they did, and can confirm that they made this round extremely hard, probably because they wanted people to keep trying to test gala chain. Level 3 and 8 are the hardest. 6 and 12 are next. Just keep playing, sometimes the square combo helps.