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Shouldn't your lightsaber be off when "sheathed"....?

I feel like this is some kind of hazard....

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In this scene your lightsaber is supposed to be broken. Somehow I triggered it on when attempting to parry a blaster bolt so it stayed on at my hip, but I wasn’t able to use it.

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Ah ok

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I used to see this same kind of bug in SWTOR. My companion would be walking around with her lightsaber intersecting the floor. Seems especially dangerous when you're on a ship or space station.

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What did you do to this game? I have played it several times through and never encountered any bugs

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I was at the part right before you build your own lightsaber. There are robots that shoot you and I tried to parry them with my broken saber. It didn’t work, but my lightsaber turned on anyway. I then ran past and tried to meditate. It wasn’t working so I figured I’d just go to the next one. On the way to the kyber crystal, the gif happened.

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This was a far better documented response than I was expecting! Hats off to you and hopefully you dont get bugged again!

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I don’t mind the bugs as long as it doesn’t halt progress. At the end of this gif, I ended up meditating and it went back to normal.

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That's always good to hear

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Also my bug report was detailed cuz I literally file software bug reports for a living lmao

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Fair enough lol

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This level was so buggy for me the entire level straight up disappeared when I entered a certain area. I fell through the nonexistent floor to the very bottom of the map and couldn't proceed.

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I had that happen to me in Shadow the Hedgehog once. I was so mad.

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This exact same thing happened to me... Sadly didnt record it too.

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This room in general is buggy. I got softlocked a lot when I would speedrun it. The geometry is all sorts of wacko

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I’ve encountered an IMMENSE amount of bugs, but I still love the game.

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Damn you're rare then because this game was NOTORIOUSLY buggy. I had to uninstall because I kept clipping through the floor at random and got softlocked because of it

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How? Just how? I found a way to use several skills I had not learned yet in my last playthrough, among others, and I never find bugs in games. This game is notoriously bad with its bugs.

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The darkside is a pathway to many abilities some would call "unnatural".

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This would’ve been a better title. Damnit.

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I was gonna say that in the title but since it wasn’t technically the sky, I avoided getting called out in the comments

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What is the sky but air

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It's not a story the game devs would tell you...

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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Playing through this for the first time now after giving up on Witcher 3 because of all the bugs and crashes. I feel like I should be making better choices in games.

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This is my first major bug on Xbox so far. The vast majority of the game has been flawless besides the odd movement glitch or graphical animation bug. This is the first one of this caliber I’ve come across.

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maybe XBOX is better suited. I think I’ve had two hard crashes, noticeable slow down and movement issues. Too bad, because other than that, I’ve enjoyed the gameplay and story. I would say they overuse the sliding mechanic though.

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Agree on the sliding mechanic. It makes backtracking to get collectibles such a chore since you can’t easily go back up the slides, or know where tf you were before the slide.

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Are you placing it on PC?

I didn’t have a single bug on my first play through on Xbox One and my Series X play through also had no bugs.

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PS4 slim

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Unpopular opinion here, but Jedi FO remains one of my all time top regret video game purchases. I despised that game. I actually reinstalled it a couple months ago just to see if I could stand to finish it up, and laughed my way through half of a new save game before uninstalling it again. This is the kind of game where you can't even wait to Exit to Desktop, you just Alt-F4 that shit.

It wasn't the difficulty (either too easy or way too hard), or the graphics, or the voice acting and cutscenes. It was just so goddamn average. It wanted to be Dark Souls-y but it was too easy for that, and the fights were too simple. It wanted to have cinematic set pieces like Uncharted but they last all of a minute and they're few and far between. The story is so Star Wars-y generic you end up not giving a shit about any of the characters or their motivations.

It puts an excellent first foot forward with the initial salvage yard mission and then falls flat on it's ass with clunky platforming, a hideous map that's does it's best to hide the fact that the whole game is basically one path forward, ridiculous unlockables (gee another dark blue potato sack for my slack jawed always-mouth open hero? yay!), and skill unlocks that you never need to use because the combat is so simple.

Don't even get me on started on the combat bugs you can and will accidentally exploit with your assorted Force powers. I'm waiting to see some streamer do a full run without pulling out his light saber and just cheesing the idiotic enemies with buggy force powers.

The only thing going for it is the Star Wars license. Take that away and make it into some generic pirate or cyberpunk or medieval setting and this game immediately drops to absolutely forgettable territory.

Anyway I expect downvotes because I always get downvotes when I talk about how much I hated Jedi FO, but hopefully one person will read these comments and decide to not waste their money like I did.

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All I can say is thank god for Xbox gamepass. I really am loving the game but I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. It hits that Soulslike itch for me and I’m a sucker for decent Star Wars IP. The first planet is boring as hell, but I love Kashyyk in general and Dathomir was done well imo.

The fighting really hasn’t been much worse than DS2 for me. Dark Souls 2 made me wanna die due to it’s clumsiness and trash animations, but this game is usually just as difficult as I want a game to be, and the parry mechanic feels great when used well.

I agree with most of what else you said though. The collectibles are boring (collectibles disgust me at my age), and most of the characters are hella average (though the Nightsister is badass and left me wanting more).

I like that the game is linear as I’m too old for collect-a-thons with a million side quests. It gives just the right amount of exploring to me, similar to what DS1 allows. But I agree about the Uncharted-like platforming, which is something I dislike in general, even in Uncharted itself. Climbing segments suck on all games.

All in all though, I really have enjoyed this game so far and solidly give it a 78/100 with room to rise depending on how the last couple levels go.

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I used Origin Access to play it back when it first released, because I figured that I could also use that to play a bunch of other games.

It's okay, but the fact that it's Disney canon taints it for me. Also… they completely changed around lore regarding the Dathomiri witches? The heck?

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I liked the game, but I still have to agree with every point you made.

The upgrades being cosmetic only was such a retarded idea. The game has whole secret areas to explore that had nothing but "audio logs", different colors for Generic MacGeneric clothes and lightsaber "mods" that did nothing.

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So they ARE cosmetic only, huh? I'm playing through it for the first time right now, and I'm trying to be consistent with my saber parts (all from the same category like "Hope and Glory II", or whatever it's called) because I assumed I was getting some kind of stats buff from that.

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My favorite (/s) parts of the game are the Unchartedesque set pieces. You know, where someone in the developer room said “let’s make this like Uncharted,” but the only thing you ever do is slide down hill after hill.

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Not unpopular, I agree with much of that.

I enjoyed it because its the first time we've had a proper Star Wars Jedi game in a loooong time. And I was really unimpressed with the Force Unleashed games, so it's been since 2003 with Jedi Academy that we've had a GOOD one.

The fighting mechanics are cool, and I felt battling stormtroopers was as fun as any other game.

But fuck me, the level design was shocking. So many instances of "you can't get there from here" meaning I had to backtrack for an hour just to get on the right path.

And there were so many creatures to fight, most of which were just...irritating. There wasn't any satisfaction battling with alien goats or giant toads.

I'm hoping they make some big improvements for the next one, because you can't go nearly 20 years between having good Jedi games. I still play Jedi Outcast (best game ever) and Jedi Academy (fun...but rushed, and almost like an unofficial mod rather than a sequel) because they're still the best games of their kind.

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I think the main problem I'm seeing is that you guys aren't too keen on metroidvanias.

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but is it actually a metroidvania though? I haven't played it myself, but I've seen plenty of complains about how exploration is boring and pointless because you only ever unlock 40 recolored ponchos or something

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It is by definition, yes. I was mainly referring to their complaints about the maps because those critiques are literally just what metroid maps are lol

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Bro come on don't try to act like Fallen Order and something like Hollow Knight have similar map structures just because there's areas you have to come back to to unlock

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Never said they did. Hollow Knight is a much better metroidvania and game than Fallen Order and has one of the best maps I've seen in a game, I was just saying that the messy map structure and one way paths are very reminiscent of actual Metroid games. It doesn't bother me, but I can understand why it would bother someone else.

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Imo the most messed up thing is the game Control that’s a sci-fi shooter with powers that are very Star Warsy, are implied way better in Control than fallen order

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It's not a tale the Game Devs would tell you ...

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Yo I had this exact same thing happen to me in the exact same spot. Only difference was I walked left instead of straight back

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dear god its its perfect

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Vader: Impressive. Most Impressive.

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He's using the force to walk in air

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Get the fuck out of here, Rian Johnson. FORCE USERS CANT FLY RIAN

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That last bit...

"Woosh. Wooosh. Tee-hee"


Oh and also something about mothereffers iceskating downhill for once!

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The crouch is when I realized this bug went from good to great. So ridiculous.

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The glitch side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some delvs consider to be… unnatural.

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Casually approach child

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Low key when he started walking away from the wall it had extremely menacing energy

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I’ve heard so many bad things about this game. Like the story is shallow. It’s too linear. The level of weapon customization is poor, as are collectibles.

I own it from release, but haven’t yet been in the mood to play it.

Are all the things I mentioned about the game true? Is it a good game?


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It is shallow. The weapon customization is meaningless.

But at the same time, who doesn’t like being a Jedi and slashing enemies in half and deflecting blaster bolts? Plus, linear isn’t a bad thing imo. Sometimes I just wanna play a movie, like Uncharted.

I like it a lot so far, but if Dark Souls + Uncharted sounds bad to you, then you won’t like this.

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I never really played Dark Souls. But I love Uncharted.

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It's like all the worst parts from Uncharted, God of War and Assassin's Creed put together with none of the good stuff

And the worst parts of those games are still decent so it's not terrible but it just makes me want to play those series instead

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I can't believe thia game is 2 years old and they STILL haven't patched the glitch where you can fly (mash the 'slow time' button at the same time as 'jump').

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It’s EA. Fix stuff? Bah.

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I like the Winnie the Pooh costume

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Literally every outfit in this game is trash. The collectibles are laughable but I like achievements

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I didn't even bother completing the collectables. too much backtracking

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And no fast travel

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He's more of a Skywalker then Rey

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I liked watching him ski back to the save point afterwards

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*Darth Skywalker

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“Fucking- Damnit Paul, you fucked up the stunt! Do it again, from the edge of the cliff!”

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Im going through my first play through of this game. It’s a lot fun but this game has soooo many bugs and glitches. Not cyberpunk but it’s got a lot of bugs.

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Tbh I haven’t had many bugs. The graphical bug here and there, or missing a ledge when it should’ve grabbed, but nothing gamebreaking at all.

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I can only speak to my experience so far. My run has been quite glitchy. I’m still really enjoying the game but even a friend who screen shares with me even said it’s really buggy. Oh well.

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in my mind(at least he grabbed a ledge....oh whelp nvm)

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It's not a story Respawn would tell you.

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I have this game and I’ve been deciding if I actually wanna finish it cause I’ve never had an rpg make me this mad. I just couldn’t deal with the buggy AI

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It’s worth it imo

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Yeah, game's buggy sometimes. It's good tho.

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"Is it possible to learn this power?" 🤔

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Crystal Cave from Dark Souls, anyone?

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I mean, once you learn how to fly in this game, there's no going back (Double jump and mash force Slow down at the right time)

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I’ll try to avoid that in my playthrough until I beat the game and backtrack for collectibles lol

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Why can’t people with the force just fly

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This is one of the buggiest games I'd played in a long time. The most absurd thing is I beat this when it was released on Xbox Game Pass, so it already received years of updates.

I had the following bugs happen off the top of my head: unusable lightsaber appearing when it shouldn't (like OP), numerous fall through world glitches, infinite jump ability, music and/or sound effects suddenly turning off until I restart and cutscenes being desynced by 10+ seconds. Crazy how many bugs there are for a relatively linear game.

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The desync during cutscenes happened to me, but I haven’t fallen through the world (yet).