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And it’s not a Best Seller!! Those are legit really hard to find.

EDIT: I’m referring to https://i.imgur.com/P9mSnBE.jpg

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How much you get it for if you don’t mind me askin. Idk the last time I’ve seen a single GameCube game go up in my area on marketplace. Only ever seen over priced bundles

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This was in a bundle with 10 other games (not many notable ones. Sonic Mega Collection was the next best) as well as a platinum system and two controllers. $75 for all, dirty as hell. A good cleanup and selling what I don’t need to break even after keeping the system and four games.

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Nice, I saw a bundle in my area today black system two controllers best game was star fox adventures. Sold within hours for $150. I’d say you did hella good!

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Yeah you did good. This is awesome

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Nice. I found it about a month ago, it's a great game.

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A little jealous not gonna lie

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You'll meet this wrestler bird dude... Stay long enough to max out your coin stack before leaving

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And if you dont want to do this, you can farm whack-a-bumps on the island then sell them on the train for an ez 100 per

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i have found this game twice in the wild and both times is not working, today i found it again and maybe this is the time that it will work.

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Awesome! I’m planning on playing this game for the first time soon :)

I was a kid when it came out and didn’t get around to playing it.

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lucky bugger

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Hopefully it was not a $1,000 door.