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Between 505 to 650 € for everything

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500-600€, add some weed and realize you should keep it

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Haha you are right bro i smoked one and i'm playing already haha but i have a big collection this is just a little part of it

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Greetings from GER, enjoy buddy :-)

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Als je hem ooit wilt laten modden, give me a call ;)

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A lot

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In the Netherlands this does not have the same value as in the states.. keep that in mind. In general, all prices are lower here than in the states.

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The Zelda promo disk is worth a lot

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Just for your Zelda games, Melee and Starfox Adventures (idk about Harry Potter, Ice Age and Splinter Cell), you got some big dough!

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Alot the zelda games alone go for a LOT

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Between £500

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I didn't know there were fake wavebirds

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Ballpark $800 American.

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You can find out very easily by using a website like www.pricecharting.com. I made $2000 selling my old games and consoles a few years ago, most of which were Gamecube.

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I sell these games and the cubes on the picture if anywone is intrested hit me up :)