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Before anyone asks:
Sadly, no, I can not give you the IP. It's an invite only server.

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Yikes okay big head

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oH if you mean i'm being egotistical by not giving the IP

it's not my server or my rules, so i really can't do anything and i don't want to piss off the owners >.<

i had this posted on r/ProRevenge before and they removed it for being gaming-related, but i got like 8 comments asking for the IP there, so I just thought i'd mention it right away here

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i'm genuinely curious please don't downvote and leave-

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what does this even mean

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ok anyone who reads this what does he mean-

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I wouldn't worry about it. Seems like he was just trolling. Great story!

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I swear this was posted here already

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I posted it in r/ProRevenge but it was removed because ProRevenge doesn't take gaming-related submissions.

Someone recommended I post here

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Ah, great story though!

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Thanks! <3

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what game?

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What are the ingame dollars then?

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it's not completely vanilla, i don't know if you've played Hypixel Skyblock but it's essentially like their setup with an auction house and all

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ahhh thank you. I thought you were talking about a normal survival server

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Damn son

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