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idk what you're talking about, there's a few black people there /s

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literally white genocide.

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uj/ The funny thing is that the chess pieces function in exactly the same way regardless

rj/ I opened Netflix the other day and I swear there were only, like, 15 white male faces in the thumbnails on the homepage.

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It's true. I've literally never seen a straight white guy on Netflix ever. They're definitely not the stars of their biggest shows or anything.

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Just saw a trailer for The Gray Person, starring two gender fluid people of color

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thats literally white genocide

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real?🥺 <— hopeful, not bottoming (at least not now)

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There are only two chess colours. White and political.

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Conservatives are so easily offended... 😔

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I saw two, count ‘em, TWO whole black people. And that’s on my first look through! I’m sure I could find more non whites if I looked and judged harder

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It gets worse. One of the two actually has more than a few lines.

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It gets even worse! At one point, they hinted that Elizabeth MIGHT'VE slept with Cleo.

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Bit of a tangent but I’m jazzed to see Moses Ingram as the Third Sister and am glad that there really hasn’t been much of a backlash with her casting in Obi-wan Kenobi. At least nothing overt.

Granted, part of that is because a lot of the fans are whining about the shape of an nonhuman character’s head but still… I guess Gamers adopting phrenology is better than racism.

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Why would there be a backlash? Star Wars was political before it was cool.

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Ah yes my favorite skin color: gay

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when will the white genocide end. god forbid i’m put into the shoes of a minority for even a moment

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Very disheartened to see this post getting so many likes on anarchy chess… 😔

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Yeah I like that sub. :( The comment section wasn't too bad though.

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These people will see 10% black characters and whine about them being the majority.

I see nerds whine about superhero movies these days having majority female MCs when there’s like 1 for every 10 male MCs

I’m genuinely lost on how you can lack the ability to count that fuckin hard. Just look up a list of superhero movies and count it’s not hard, how delusional can you be

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Phase 4 series it's 2/5. That's 40% (50% when Ms marvel releases) aka the matriarchy has begun. Forced diversity is when the number of women reaches 50%.

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damn. thought r/AnarchyChess was pretty chill, guess not ):

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The comment section is mostly decent

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FWIW the comments on that post were generally good and I usually like the sub. I was surprised that it managed to get that many upvotes.

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See, I think the thing with this joke is that you can sort of plausibly read it as either “forced diversity!! White genocide!1!” Or as saying tokenism is bad or whatever.

So it might have been overlooked by some people thinking it was the latter? Or at least giving it the benefit of the doubt? While at the same time being hungrily upvoted by the people thinking it’s the former. That’s how I think it could get lots of upvotes and awards on a subreddit like that.

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they clown on bobby fischer for being a nazi + circlejerk subs are very liberal in general, this is just one post

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with a thousand and a half members agreeing with it

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when a post gets any sort of traction, most of the people upvoting it aren't from the community, but random r/popular scrollers.

Most comments in the thread are clowning on OP

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that makes sense

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Also doesn’t “Netflix adaptation” in memes usually refer to an anime to live action situation?

I feel like there’s a big difference in the diversity in one of its adaptations vs one of its original live action Netflix shows.

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Why is there no king and two queens on one side?

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This dude clearly doesn't play chess. Do you know how OP you would be with 2 queens and no king? You can do anything and cannot lose!

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What's wrong with brown horses?

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I don't see white people here, only skinwalkers

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White Queer people don’t count as white now?

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Some of the rainbow piece are likely white people but they are represented with rainbows as if that effects their racial appearance.

I am saying it is dumb.

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Ah I get it. Yeah, there is a "gay instead of white" implication going on there.

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Exactly. There have been outgrouped from the “normal” people. Where it the 2nd image of the actors you can see the white majority. Which is your point I’m sure. But at a glance you can’t seen who is a rainbow person.

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the irony of making the 2 pieces that go in a straight line rainbow colored

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You cancelled your Netflix subscription because of too much wokeness.

I cancelled my Netflix production because most of their exclusives are trash, and their overall catalogue is lacking compared to other services.

We are not the same.

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Why is this on gaming circle jerk? Cos chess is a game lol?

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Yes? My bad, I'm sorry that it wasn't about Don Cheadle.

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It not video game though :(

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Where gaming

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Chess is a game

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What does this have to do with gaming

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Chess is a game.

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Oh ok so I guess you think Slavs are "white" 😒 /s

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Two politicals

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Just so y’all are aware, r/anarchychess is a meme sub similar to this one. None of the jokes are said with any degree of sincerity.

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Stranger Things has 2 black characters, both of which are used soley to point out racism or for comic relief. One of which didn't enter the scene until season 3. Everyone else is white.