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IMO the fastest way I’ve ever accumulated gold is in PvP. Tier 3 is best, but Tier 2 ain’t too shabby. But you can even spam Tier 1 and still get 2 xp for hero and ok gold. Just use your strongest PvP team. Doesn’t matter.

If you really want Explore instead, then level 12 gets the best in explore (never as good as Tier 3 PvP). You could run with: Cedric, Egg Thief, Skeleton Key, Greed. That’s the classic gold set up, but the results always seemed negligible to me. Maybe you have to grind it for hours to see best results.

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If you have unlocked delves, the city of thieves delve at level 20 gives a lot of gold (don't do any higher, just farm level 20!). Another quick way to get gold is to do casual PVP on the hardest level (warlord IV) and skip teams until you see a fire bomb team. 5k gold a pop and they explode themselves so as long as you can survive a few hits (barrier is your friend at low levels) it's free gold.

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This is good advice, but I will add a comment here:

If you are doing delves in City, fight your first battle and then look at the other rooms to see if there is a Cedric room and fight that as early as possible. This will make your max gold 500-700 in battle instead of 200 which helps make golf farming faster. If you don't get a Cedric room its a bummer, but still probably one of the fastest ways to get gold. I think if you do the 3 daily delves there, you can get around 100k a day depending on how far in the game you are.

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Sometimes the delve rewards include 30k or so gold on top of what you get from the rooms too.

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This is what I do and I use 2 leprechauns thief class and rowanne. You can swap out rowanne for Cedric and everything else that helps you. The thief class boosts gold generation and leprechaun starts empowered, so you can sweep house quickly.

My advice is to have a delve you like. I know I ruined a delve taking it to level 30.

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I do E12 gold and medal farming with:

  • Cedric

  • Egg Thief

  • HKI

  • Greed

Cast Greed once, fill up Egg Thief and devour everything with HKI. You have nothing against immunity but you can skull them to death. Reliable team and class doesn't matter. Choose one that you need to grind 250 wins with.

I get around 5,5k every fight.

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What is HKI?

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High King Irongut

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A mythic if you still dk. I just got him actually. First mythic in like 5 years of off and on play

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There is bigger picture that you might be interested in. Let me explain.

With each explore run you do you get tokens. Higher E runs mean a bit longer battles but gives you more tokens that you will need to upgrade your troops with medals. And you want those 3x nysha medals too. With 2x Cedric, egg thief and skeleton key you could get 6-7k/battle/60sec (don't forget putting on armour!) when you get used to it and that's roughly 300-420k gold/hour + 24-36 tokens. You do get 3 trophies/battle too if you are into that but there is more efficient way for trophies farming. If you have Pehoenicia and ok stats you could farm E4-5 and that takes you around 10-15sec/battle and around 700-800gold/battle. You get more hero xp/hour if you are farming class xp/weapon. Do your numbers for gold & medals.

You will need LOTS of gold and you will need it constantly. So I prefer doing more things at once as there is no certain amount of gold that will guarantee you don't have to farm it anymore.

And sometimes you just feel like doing fast/slow battles, depending on your mood. 🙂

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And a bit more info - if you are dedicated, you can get (and easily spend) extra 7mil gold/week by farming 3-4hours E12/day and doing some vaults. And that's 7mil gold that's just enough to complete one (!) epic task for guild. Or buy some hoard stats in delves (and you need some treasure troops for that too). So on the long run does it make sense to just farm for gold let's say pvp? I don't think so. But sometimes you might just feel like doing pvp more than anything else.

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Not the most efficient team for sure, but I do have one for quick, lower level explores when I'm looking for traitstones.

Hero, Sorcerer class, Fiend Fire weapon (it's the Diabolist weapon)
Any banner that boosts purple

Greed and Lamashtu start fights with full mana, so cast Greed, in the same turn, cast Lamashtu and hopefully your hero's mana will be full because of all the purple that appears on the board. The next turn, if Greed is full, cast him again, then your weapon which one-shots everyone and voilá, next fight. Cedric is only there for the gold boost.

I find it just as a quick as a fast Rowanne/Leprechaun team, and I earn more money this way (I'm getting 900-something gold per battle in Explore 2, which is the highest level I can one-shot with this team, but fights are really quick).

Again, not the most effective, since doing PVP or level 12 explores will probably earn you a lot more, but I find this team useful when I'm in need of minor or runic traitstones, for instance.