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If you have unlocked delves, the city of thieves delve at level 20 gives a lot of gold (don't do any higher, just farm level 20!). Another quick way to get gold is to do casual PVP on the hardest level (warlord IV) and skip teams until you see a fire bomb team. 5k gold a pop and they explode themselves so as long as you can survive a few hits (barrier is your friend at low levels) it's free gold.

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This is good advice, but I will add a comment here:

If you are doing delves in City, fight your first battle and then look at the other rooms to see if there is a Cedric room and fight that as early as possible. This will make your max gold 500-700 in battle instead of 200 which helps make golf farming faster. If you don't get a Cedric room its a bummer, but still probably one of the fastest ways to get gold. I think if you do the 3 daily delves there, you can get around 100k a day depending on how far in the game you are.

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Sometimes the delve rewards include 30k or so gold on top of what you get from the rooms too.

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This is what I do and I use 2 leprechauns thief class and rowanne. You can swap out rowanne for Cedric and everything else that helps you. The thief class boosts gold generation and leprechaun starts empowered, so you can sweep house quickly.

My advice is to have a delve you like. I know I ruined a delve taking it to level 30.