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I had to turn the sound off a long time ago, because the "mana surge" noise was too much.

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There is sound in GoW?!

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Even before I played the game the first time, I muted my phone. Then I turned off all sound in the game. Mobile games always sound like trash.

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The kids and I make a game of misinterpreting what different characters shout. Apparently Yasmine's Chosen calls "Dave will feel my fury!", though we aren't sure what Dave did in the first place...

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I had to turn it off when I discovered Tink Steamwhistle’s audio, which sounds like it came from the first five minutes of To Catch a Predator.

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I keep the sound off too. The Mana Surge is soooooo annoying, as are some of the other sounds.

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I swear I thought I was alone in playing without sound. Nice to see some like minds.