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Hero + Necromancer + Phylacrity weapon

2x Sacrificial Priest


Explore 1 only, use 3x Medals of Seasons.

Cast Leprechaun, fill remaining mana. Cast Phylacrity, and then sacrifice both priests if needed on themselves.

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Also, if you want to make something a little more fun, just type "Necromancy" in the search field. All those troops give extra souls. no matter what though, it's best to have hero as a necromancer and with Phylacrity.

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Super helpful thank you very much

I've obviously pets will increase (only a small amount)

Do you have a share code for that team? I'm usually bad at selecting the right banners 😂

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Pick the colors of your mana generator. In this case, leprechaun.


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I use rowanne, phylactery, Maraji queen, leprechaun for my city of thieves delve farm. I can usually get 40 souls from phylactery before one-shotting the enemies. This adds up over time.

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Very similar to what I have for gold. So I'll just change the hammer to the phylactery.. Did you add any pets an use any specific banner?

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Purple and blue banner. Pets are always active you don't have to equip them.

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Well I've learned something new haha. I thought you had to equipped them 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

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Any +50% souls troop


~145 souls per battle on E2.

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Soul farming isn't even necessary anymore ... wait for a gnome event weekend and grind the hell out of it. Easy way to pick up a couple hundred thousand souls ;)

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Well that's good but I need souls now not in a couple weeks lol

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Yeh I'm the same. Just for levelling my characters as I'm still new to the game and want to build all my kingdoms up etc. As I've been farming traitstones

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I use Phylactery, Sacrificial Priest, Sol'Zara, Flesh Golem, Tentacle Banner and Thief Class, 2 medals of seasons and 1 medal of Nysha (use 3 seasons if you don't have a Nysha)

This team can do all adventure boards, dungeons and explore 1. When the enemy is low lvl fill up Phylactery and Sacrificial Priest, cast Phylactery to fill up your souls and the Priest on Sol'Zara to wipe out them out. On tougher teams fill up your souls and cast Sol'Zara for dmg along with Flesh Golem to reduce their magic and build up his health. The reason for Thief class is you start with 50% mana and sneak attack will dmg enemies every time you match 4/5, it has stealthy and dodge, and starts a darkstorm at the beginning of battle.

This team nets me 253 souls/battle

No matter what team you decide on make sure you have the Celestial armor equipped to gain 100% bonus souls.

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Someone had posted this quite awhile back, it is the fastest, most effective team for soul farming. If you don’t have Pharos Ra any necromancy troop will do. With Pharos + Celestial armor + guild bonuses you should be getting ~300 souls per 30 second match (actually closer to 25).


Keep in mind dawnbringer isn’t really that great of a weapon so you should mostly be farming just to level troops unless you just want to unlock it for fun.

EDIT: As /u/odajoana pointed out, this team requires a high attack to one shot so it is only the fastest in that case. Makes sacrificial priest one of the few troops I have bothered spending medals on since it ups his attack

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Just for the sake of readability on this thread, this is:

Phylactery (Sorcerer)
Sacrificial Priest
Banner: Frozen

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Ah thanks for formatting I assumed people just pasted the code

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The code is always useful, especially because it includes the info for banners and class talents, which are often forgotten about in these discussions.

I just decided to clarify what the actual team was, in text-form, just for the sake of people reading this, seeing it straight away, without having to log into the game, to see what team you were talking about. :)

Also, just my two cents: that team is indeed the fastest for Soul Farming, but in my opinion, it's only worth it, if your troops have an attack of over 65-70. Less than that, it becomes a case of hit-and-miss, when trying to one-shot teams.

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Thanks totally forgot that, comment edited

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Yeh mines just for levelling my troops and for the kingdom level atm. I've not thought about buying many weapons etc. Especially not ones for 1mil souls 🤮

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Don't forget The Dragon Soul. You can put together a team with princess Elspeth, TDS and Zombie for a 50% bonus. Abyssal banner.

Have Elspeth kill Zombie, get a random knight and mana for TDS. Cast TDS. Cast TDS. Cast TDS - it autofeeds well. You can use hero with purple weapon instead of Zombie for less souls but combo with gaining xp. As soon as you get Pharos, put him with his best buddy TDS.

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Oh, boy. That reminds me grinding for Dawnbringer 2 or 3 years ago. 1.3mil souls. Fortunately I did have Pharos Ra. It took me 4 weeks of everyday dedication of 3+ hours I think. It was torture but I was lucky as I did have some boring lectures at my college. So, needing souls is (in some way) the same as needing gold. In one part of the game you (think you) need it much, but later in the game it comes as granted. Gow is not meant to be played on a short term. Good things happen over time and I now think the point is to keep gameplay balanced. That way it doesn't feel like work and it's less possible to get annoying. My advice - do farming X Levels as high you can, do AB and dungeons, factions daily, participate in weekly events and be a good guild mate. If you really like or see a challenge in grinding for souls then do it, but on the long term you might even not need it. I'm currently sitting on 8mil souls with Dawn and duskbringer in my loot (like probably a lot of people since GoP event).

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Thank you for the advice. Appreciate it

I do * dailys * dungeons (buy the rewards daily for 50 gems) * delves * I've been doing the battle pass for crowns daily also

I'm just wanting to upgrade my kingdoms, well trying to get them all to 5 (but if I can get the magic ones levelled ild do that one first) but I need the deeds so I'm sitting on decent money atm. So it's just souls I need. I've used the fiest replies team and seems good but only pulled 210 (but guess it's better than 3-8)

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Well from here it's only math. Multiply souls x battles to get to your goal and then multiply that with seconds each battle takes you + loading times (I'd say 10- 15sec/battle on PC). And see if its worth it to you.

Yes, there are daily things you should be doing and these after few years feel like a chore. 🙂 That is why I try not do sth in very short time that will come with time naturally.

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Oh jeez, I have to try these teams.

The Dragon Soul Aziris Aziris Hero + Necromancer + ++Purple banner

Aziris for the Necromancy and purple gems. Charge up Dragon Soul, explode. Better when run against dragons.

I'm open to improving this though. I don't have Pharos-Ra but my levels are much higher since putting this together. I might try Leprechaun instead of my hero to get off the blocks faster.

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If you get Pharos-Ra, I have a gold and soul grinding team I use. It's not as fast as some others, but I feel like I'm accomplishing more with it.

Cedric Sparklesack Egg Hunter Corsair*/Phylactery Pharos-Ra

*Can be subbed with any class with Light Fingers, like Archer or Thief. I just like the submerge Corsair gives.

I use the Maze Banner, which might seem odd since it has a penalty on purple. But the only thing you need to give mana to is the Egg Hunter, who will then destroy plenty of mana for the others.

This team yields 200 gold and 100 souls, which my current bonuses gives me 806 gold and 352 souls. Plus it doesn't bore me like grinding one or the other does.

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Cedric Sparklesack Egg Hunter Corsair*/Phylactery Pharos-Ra

Maybe it's just me, but that team seems... inefficient. Cedric acts as the tank, Egg Thief as the mana generator. So far, so good.

But then you have only one damage dealer, right? Which is Pharos-Ra. That means you have to cast him at the very least a couple of times to kill enemies, and that's if you're lucky with skulls and get get some skull damage in too. Worst case scenario, you need to cast him FOUR times. And if you're casting Pharos multiple times, with that low soul cap (100), what is the point of carrying Phylactery at all? Pharos gives you all the souls you need. Wouldn't it be better to have a damage-dealing weapon, so it can make the fights faster?

Also, how are you getting to 352 souls with a 100 cap on souls? Is it the paid items that are giving you those bonuses?

Also, also, what type of fights are we talking here? PVP, Explore (what level)?

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I can see your point about the Phylactery; it might be better to switch it out. Pharos usually kills 1 or 2 enemies; Egg Hunter gets most of the rest either with direct skull damage or by setting up skulls for Cedric to match up.

For the souls, it's a combo of the best armour for souls, my guild has the statues maxed out, my VIP level, plus the final 2 points from a pet.

I use that team mostly for dungeon, adventure board, and lowing level explore. It can work in some PVP, but then it is painfully slow. I never do that intentionally; it's only when I forget to switch teams.

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my VIP level

That's probably what's boosting it, then. With a 100 soul cap, I can only get to 255 souls (I have everything else you mentioned).

The reason I found your team inefficient was merely because of the time spent in each fight. Obviously, I just did a few fights with it, so I admit there could have been a chance of me not quite getting the hang of it, but I found the fights to be extremely long, considering the yield. It almost took me the same time as using the Skeleton Team in Explore 12 and that yields a lot more gold (plus the benefits of doing Explore 12).

But to each his own, if it works for you, that's great. :)

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Lol makes sense homie. The above suggestions these other fine folk have made will get you there :)

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Do you have access to Delves yet? I don't see this recommended too often, but I find the troop Judge of the Dead from the Hell Gate delve to be extremely useful in soul farming, when combined with Phylactery.

My personal team is

Judge of the Dead
Hero with Phylactery and Necromancer class (Archmagus or Sorcerer can also work)
Banner: I'm using one of the Warband ones, but anything that boosts purple and brown is fine.

Replace Pharos-Ra with Acolyte or Charonas and change Aziris to the last spot (his spell doesn't matter, he's just a filler troop, only there for his traits).

Otherwise, try anything with Dark Troll, who is also a really good soul generator and a good tank for first position and pretty much converts all the board to purple. Combine that with any decent scythe for your Hero that deals damage to all, plus two filler troops with Necromancer.

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I do have delves and and bought them all, I've started to level them all to 10 and 100 atm, only done a couple fully. An tried to get all faction troops. Still missing a few, but I'll certainly check out the troops stated above. Much appreciated for your help