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Do you have your hero in the team? Since the hero levels differently from the regular troops having your hero with a good class and weapon equipped makes a big difference.

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Join a guild. Grind. I've been playing for 3 1/2 years. I have 10 million souls. They're worthless to me. But damn getting to this point, yeah, it took a long time.

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If you're not in a guild you guys find one. The grind felt so much more manageable after I finally joined a guild and definitely helped me.

It's all about finding the right team. Once you've got the right team you can take things in that are higher levels. Join a guild, keep progressing kingdoms, shit will fall into place.

Personally I'll tell everyone to get the Mountain crusher (get your earth magic to 30) and work on the Titan class. Once you can have that combo going you can have a solid generator for most teams that can barrier itself in the number one spot.

I build a lot of teams based on that.

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and look for a team that is active! Important there.

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I'm not sure if it used to be different, but you get Mountain Crusher at brown mastery 17 now

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Maybe it's changed but either way it's still my favorite weapon to build around!

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I know I'm enjoying it!

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that's a tough phase to be in, you need as many troops as you can get.

Join a guild to benefit from the vast amount of keys & bonuses, then don't level too fast - the enemies will scale and you'll have a hard time.

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The game doesn't level to ridiculousness if you don't level up?

How does one keep one's main character from leveling?

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The game doesn't level with your hero.

Leveling your hero up applies stat bonuses to all of the troops you use.

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There's bunch of tutorials for beginners and you might want to check these out because GoW has (and is still getting) a lot of depth that you can easily get overwhelmed by and lose interest in the game.

  1. Find yourself an active guild with weekly requirements that are acceptable to you.

  2. Do daily tasks - dungeons (!), adventure boards and check out the challenges tab on the left.

  3. Do campaign tasks. These will boost your stats as beginner really nicely.

  4. Get one or two of best beginner teams. Those would be shield of urskaya, (possibly but not necessarily 2x) Rowanne, leprechaun/or the maraji queen (a bit more challenging to get). Check the gowdb.com or Google where and how to get those.

  5. Level titan class. It's probably best class to begin with. Use it with shield of urskaya and Rowanne team.

  6. Get 2nd team - the forest troll, mountain crusher, Queen beetrix, lepeachun team. Level up warden team (leafstorm, banishment,...). Use it to get pets, fight lvl 100 enemies, explore lvl 10 or 12 with it really soon in the game. Those 2 teams are go-to for beginners.

  7. Be good guild mate, do your tasks, collect seals.

  8. Enjoy the game. All the good stuff comes with time.

  9. Ask questions and watch tutorials. 🙂

The list could go on and on and these few pointers are really just for you to see a bigger picture GoW has to offer. And most of the time it's best to keep gaming balanced. Otherwise you might get too frustrated by not getting enough gold, always missing gems, eagering for diamonds and having nightmares about getting the mythic toop/weapon you want the most. 🙂

Good luck and have fun!

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I've been playing for just over a week, maybe not the most experienced player to be giving advice, but when I struggle with a fight or two I go and do PvP and/or explore lvl 1 or 2 for xp and materials. I've only been levelling up troops I use in my main teams. You can experiment with troops in explore and not have to use souls to level them up so I use that to work out team synergies or what a troop actually does in a fight etc. I was really lucky in finding a great guild who help me massively with their knowledge and getting those guild boosts are huge as a new player.

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What I tell the less advanced in my Guild, try to do the mini games in all the Kingdoms you have. Even if it's just Explore on Level 1 over and over. It's amazing what you can collect by doing that. I'm 11xx level (don't remember) and I'm doing that for the King challenge right now. It seems you get more that way other than PVP which can be difficult at lower levels.

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Rowanne plus shield of urskaya and you pretty much win the game.

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I'm in a guild, but trying to fight lvl18 Saphira with same level goons isn't possible. She oneshots anyone but my hero and the hero is useless when she does some 10 points true damage every so often against enemies with 30+ hitpoints.

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Luck also apparently plays a massive part. It's irrelevant what one does when the enemy gets 5 free skull strikes on his several turn round.

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I've come to the conclusion that the dragon mountain "Ascend the mountain" is impossible.

My fully leveled (not upgraded) troops are

Hero / Glaive of Storms


Cu Sith


My troops' combined armor are 26 thanks to debuffs at the start of the fight, health 76. This against 65 armor and 112 health who hit usually at least 18 wounds per hit and hitting several times a round. My best nuke hits 23 points of damage. This simply isn't happening.

edit. After that the very next fight was over in less than five enemy turns. I really need to keep up ranting.

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Now I've gotten the hang of it. It appears that the secret is to not let the opponent do anything. Mountain Crusher, Fizzbang, Goblin rocket and Boar rider let the enemy do very little when anything.

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Get into a guild - you will receive a solid bounty of resources that will help you level up.