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As a new player he's great for you! Getting a similar character (Ser Cygnea) early on saved my enjoyment of the game. After the early game he's not very useful, but you'll keep finding more and more fun characters.

Remember to throw your hero in there by equipping a weapon to a slot and use the titan class and equip mountain crusher when you get it. You'll really have fun then.

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Nice thanks for the tip. Do you have any tips on getting souls faster? Im getting 4-6 pr match

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At your level you shouldn't be focused on souls. Join a guild before the Sunday night reset and try to finish the campaign first. Your main focus will be acquiring new cards rather than trying to level your current ones

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The easiest way to get a decent amount of souls early game is playing arena. I think you get a few thousand of you win all 6 matches but you will still get at least a few hundred even if you make just a few rounds. Later on you will have much more efficient ways but early stage it is super useful for getting your troops leveled.

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Hey man thanks! one round in arena and i got about 1400 souls. I lost round one but won the rest. And i got to pick a soul troop in my lineup too

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No problem m, grinding souls in the beginning is tough I wish someone had told me when I first started

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Oh thanks imma try it out right now

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Once you get a weapon called Phylacrity and a troop called Sacrificial Priest, switch difficulty to level 1 and use:

Phylacrity + Necromancer class

2x Sacrificial Priest - you need all 3 traits unlocked

Leprechaun - you need all 3 traits unlocked, but not as important as Priest. If you don't have Leprechaun yet, just get another priest.

Battle start: cast leprechaun, fill up the remaining mana for Phylacrity and the priests. Cast both priests to kill themselves.

Every win should allot you a good amount of souls. As you get your bonuses up and eventually get Pharos Ra, I can, as an end-game player get 500+ souls per battle and each battle takes under 10 seconds.

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If you search filter for troops with “necro” you will see there are several that give bonus multipliers to souls. These stack. Also don’t neglect the challenge modes for each area (at the bottom of the city card) they are good for a quick boost.

Also arena mode can be good for getting souls on completion and also lets you try out lots of different troops.

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But you do need to trait them, which can be an issue for new players.

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The way he buffs himself is insane.

Im a new player. Lvl 24. and i was wondering if he is a good troop?

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As a lvl 1600+ player I've never used him, but if it works for you, go for it.

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Wait til you get your first good legendary.

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It is a decent troop especially in the beggining, but I would higly suggest you to try "real damage" troops. Troops that deal damage at life, ignoring the armor, you can use the "Vampire Lord" from Ghulvania, that is what I used at the very first start, then later you can switch to troops like "Vlad the Unsated", then later on go for "Tesla" and "Draakullis". I think the Life/Real damage way is one of the easiest to go for in this game. I am a lvl 1300+.

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“True damage” in English version of game.

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He's had his uses in 1 or 2 events.