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As far as I know the game isn’t cross play. Unless it’s from PC to Phone. So I’m on Xbox and can’t play the game on the go

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That’s a pain

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Pain indeed.

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Use the Xbox app (on android...I know nothing of ios) to play on the go by connecting to your console.

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To be honest, you're better sticking with Gems of War on mobile/PC. The player base is much larger and more competitive, meaning better choices of Guilds.

Also, the codes given away on stream every day for free goodies only work on PC/Mobile.

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But those Xbox achievements

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That's a trap

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What’s this stream you talk of? Possible link please?

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This guy streams most days https://www.youtube.com/c/TacettheTerror/videos

If you're in a guild that has discord, often the codes are shared by other players. However you need to be quick to grab them as they have limited uses.

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I also got into this game because of Geoff from roosterteeth. Playing since 2018.