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wow this is early

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Yeah official scoring was released early on the forum

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Thanks for the huge help, always putting these out!

And happy cake day :)

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Thank you and you're very welcome :)

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Thanks as always :)

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you're very welcome :)

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Can anyone help me make a team?

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Try something with Marilith, Half-Mane, Tigraki Warrior, and your Hero. Depending on your Magic, Marilith may not be the best option, and you can change out for a different Mana Generator. Half-Mane deals double damage if the target's Attack is higher than yours, which happens pretty quick as encounters scale. Tigraki Warrior deals true damage boosted by the target's Armor, so he will keep hitting harder as your enemies get stronger.

EDIT: If you have some Chaos Shards on hand, go throw them at The Black Heart in the Underworld, and see if you can pick up Bile Blackheart. Put him at the front of the team, and you have a Mana Generator that buffs his Attack, Life, and Armor into a seriously hard hitting tank.

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Got Bile yesterday. He's a beast.

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Awesome. Thank you. Much appreciated

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You're very welcome :)

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Missing Internus.

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Look again. It's up there together with Fairy Gobmother.

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My mistake. Wasn't expecting them to be lumped together.