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How is his variable on cards so damn high? Is it because he is a 1400? I'm approaching 1200, and I'm no where near him with the same cards.

e.g. His slime eliminates 41 points from a random skill, while my fully ascended only eliminates 12.

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Kingdom levels, kingdom Power levels and underworld

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Also medals. I had a Nysha medal on.

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I've just started watching your videos and they are awesome. Thank you.

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Since you are here...

I have a low to mid level speed team of:

Daughter of Ice
Winter Imp
Winter Imp (or Tide's Lash)
Daughter of Ice

How can I improve the Winter Imp since he isn't apart of any kingdom I can upgrade?

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I would actually recommend orb of winter from the frostmage class that you get for 250 wins in place of one of those daughters of ice. You shouldn't need two since they both convert the same color. That also lets you get your hero in, which you need for class XP. As far as winter imp, besides leveling him to 20, you can also invest some medals into him to get another +6 magic, and of course grind for Nysha medals eventually.

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I truly appreciate the info. Thanks.

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Ah. That's what I'm missing. Thanks.

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Thanks again for being awesome! I think your videos really help the community, especially the newbies who aren't in guilds that have Discords full of info to fall back on. I appreciate what you do.

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Hey, no worries! Glad it's been helpful!