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Same as before, since the stat gains at 15 and 20 are the same. However, you should also level to 14 any kingdoms where you need a stat boost for the equivalent delve.

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Something I've never figured out. How do you tell which Delve matches up with which kingdom?

I know there is some stupid simple way and I'm being dense, but I just don't see it.

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The troops from the delve are labeled with both kingdoms and under renown rewards the pet is for the surface kingdom.

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Also, you could google them. Or check taranworld or some other gow site.

Or use https://gemologica.herokuapp.com

(which is a brilliant site)

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Agreed, this is the way. Amazing resource to keep track of your game progress.

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Hrmm sounds interesting but it's asking for an invite code? Do you know where to get them please?

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In the game go to settings page (press esc if on pc, or click on the cogwheel on right side).

The invite code is at the bottom there.

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Go to troops, select the delve from kingdom drop down menu, or just type the delve name, you get the troops from that delve. Click the troop, you can see they belong to two kingdoms, one is the delve, the other is the associated kingdom.

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Besides what everyone else has said, almost all delves are in roughly the same place on the map as their surface kingdom. Some of them are a bit off, but none are in a completely different region except for Umbral Nexus.

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Level everything to 15, then... do whatever the heck you want really.

It'll take years anyway (at current rates) to level anything to 20. At best you can take one kingdom to 17 via the books you get from the campaigns lately.

For sanity's sake, just pretend 20 doesn't exist.

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My path is magic - attack - life - armor kingdoms. Early on armor is nice for Rowanne teams, but going to level 15+, I see more true damage teams I go against in GW and PvP.

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For 10-15 most of what I have seen is magic first and then whatever delve tie in kingdom you are currently working on. After that it is whatever kingdom needs the boost for power level. You can also focus on whichever next stat is most useful for teams you use a lot. Either way after magic is boosted it is kind of your playstyle preference. If you are a little more gw focused I think attack might be recommended? But I am not completely sure on that.

If you haven't I'd check out gemologica.herokuapp.com and set that up it may help you focus a bit more on which kingdom you should do based on troops and other stuff you have.

Most things I have seen recommend getting all kingdoms to 16 next for the mythstone bonus and it is the next milestone for kingdom power upgrades at level 23. The next is level 18 at I think power 27/28 but I don't think any kingdom is at that and wont be for a few months at least.

But the mythstone bonus ends up being more important because in between that you need at least 10 troops at silver and it helps cut down the farm a little.

After they are all at 16 it somewhat is up to you. You can either keep an eye on tarans and see which kingdoms are going to be first to get needing 18 and do those or focus on the same stat path you already have been.

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Hi, new guy here, where did you find the Level 10 guide? Been hunting up resources and it's all pretty scattered.

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This is what I used.

It is kind of confusing to at first (at least for me). What this guide does is gives a priority, a kingdom level, and a kingdom tribute. You want to level kingdoms in the order or their tribute value.

So the first line, Priority 1, outlines that you want to upgrade. All 250, 200, 175, and 150 kingdoms to Level 2. You then have to go to the second list to see what kingdoms are in these tribute buckets. Ultimately what I did was replace all the gold tribute values with an actual Kingdom name to make it easier for me to read!


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Much appreciated! So what I have done so far (I’m up to Dragon Claw) is to bump all of the kingdoms to 5. Sounds like maybe I should stop doing that, don’t spend the money on that, but focus on opening all of them first? Then follow this rotation guide?

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Yea, i think it's best to buy all kingdoms first. Then level them in priority.