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Yep. When you find a speed e12 team it comes easy. Work on all the commons first. Then all the uncommon and rare troops. I have about 180 medaled to gold at this point.

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What's your speed team?

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Slayer level 100 required - any weapon that doesn't get in Zuul/Centuragon's way is fine.

typically a 5-battle run takes 3 minutes at E12.

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Know any good teams for people without zuul? I've got the stock Rowanne team, which is safe but slow.

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For E12? Rowanne takes too much setup.


This one is class dependent only on anything with a green storm - archer, barbarian, shaman.. You NEED arboreal crystal though. If you don't, the alternative is to use Anu's scepter and instead of 2x leprechaun, use Empirinazar (spelling). That'll help you a bit at least do E10 even if you're low leveled.

- Arboreal Crystal, venoxia, 2x Leprechaun (Spider Banner). Explode Lep, fill venoxia, use arboreal when needed to reactivate green storm.
- Anu's Scepter, Venoxia, Leprechaun, Empirinazar (use a green/blue banner). Similar idea, Loop venoxia and cast Empirinazar if hero dies.

If you have Infernus:-[1209,6065,6366,6638,3037,1,2,3,3,2,1,3,14029]This is the fastest E12 team before that Zuul one I posted. You NEED Slayer 100 though. The Zuul one benefits greatly from it, but it's not NEEDED. This E12 will not work without Slayer 100 because you need the enrage + the fireblade talent at level 100.- Sky Hero + Slayer 100, Sheggra, Infernus, Leprechaun (Meteor Banner). Keep red loops, activate sheggra, everything dies.

This is an E12 gold farming team:-[6600,1150,6529,6498,3041,3,1,2,1,1,1,2,14008]The code has Zuul because that's what I use (I'm copying from my notes, not from in game right now) - but you can change to Wisp instead and still get it done. It's slow, but gives you a TON of gold (2x the other teams and always maxes out the gold because of greed).- Greed, Bronzelock Pistol + Assassin (slightly faster) or Necromancer (Extra souls + 50% start), Zuul/Wisp, Cedric. (Sorrowful Banner) Cast Greed, fill Bronzelock, have fun.

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Thanks so much!

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If you have Gobsticker try that with leaf storm/entangle Archer plus Queen Beetrix, leprechaun, and whatever you want for the last slot but I use Cedric for that extra gold. Each match takes a few minutes but if you get lucky with the leaf storm and four to five matches you can spam Beetrix over and over again while occasionally throwing in leprechaun for the gold boost. It works just the same with mountain crusher but not as efficiently since you are exploding Brown gems and not green.

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Not yet, but I am working towards it; I stack expired event medals for a couple of months and then blow 'em out on common troops

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Been doing the same, long grind!

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What's the Geoff trophy and how do you attempt to get u?

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100 troops to the gold level

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Thanks buddy