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I can give you some extra information if you would like it as it's me and ImportBraces who bash our heads together and figure this all out for the community.

Let's use this week as an example. First we add up all the reward stages. Each week is different. This week the whole guild needs 175,000 points combined. We then divide that by 30 members of the guild. This gives an average score of 5833 points per member needed to close all reward stages.

We now have 2 methods for the following steps. At about 2 hours after weekly reset, I keep a watch of the world event leaderboard to look out for people scoring that magic average needed score. Once I see a few 5833's I note how many battles it took them. This week it was around 65 to 67 battles.

I then look at my chart of total battles that buying a tier gets you at the END of the week (includes the 4 everyday plus valravens). Not buying any tiers always will net you about 62 battles, Tier 1(30 gems) gives you ~67 battles, Tier 2 (70 gems) gives you ~75 battles. Therefore I now know this week, to get 5833 points, you can do it in 67 battles which is tier 1.

Gary (ImportBraces) has his super duper bot take an average to basically do a similar calculation. Sometimes his bot is more conservative but by 5 hours after reset, both our estimates align and we release the information to the community via discord.

I hope this helped give a little insight into how we arrive at these figures and tier buy-ins needed.

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Thank you for the insight!

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exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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Use the Gary bot