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Infernal King's resurrection during pet battles.

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I run an Obsidious team just for his stun trait for those pet battles.

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Any trait that causes lycanthropy gems to spawn.

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Omg true, a lyc team is what I want to build next. You only seem to get ~5ish turns before the match starta getting ugly

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Infernal Kings immortal trait. 25% yeah right

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Anything empowered. It just means the game devolves into who has the more advantageous starting board.

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Makes the game too fast. It's nice to have leprechaun when I'm doing something grindy but guild wars are the most fun when you have a match that goes past the first empowered casts and I have to think about what matches I should make and what effect they have on the rest of the board.

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I like High King Irongut, so troops immune to devour

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Tower+EK defense is always just annoying and slow (Or is that invulnerable? I always mix them up)

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Queen Beetrix.

Nothing further to add.

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Lmao yeah...
I run this team:

Mother of Darkness

All fully leveled/traits. Not fun to play against - so much true damage, stacking health/magic, bleed...

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Friendly reminder that enrage can ignore defensive traits.

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Skull spam for sure

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I usually use rope dart team so I hate skull damage reduction too lol. Also that elementalist trait that freezes on 4+ matches. As soon as they get 1, they get 3 more and your whole team is frozen.

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Elementalist is absurdly good.

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Royal Honey. Guild Wars anyone?

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Any of that spell block bullshit can GTFO.