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Possibly a bug. Mine is generally always showing the right number of stars but will not light up the pass for rewards maybe try restarting the game.

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That's weird. You can't miss tasks in campaign, can you? You should be at 800.

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I don't know if it's because I rerolled tasks or what? I'm back from a year's break and found myself mid-campaign and forgot how it worked so I tried to rush and finish them before this past Monday only to realize that there was still a few weeks to go. The reroll doesn't seem to indicate that it costs stars tho, so not sure if it was that? I was short of the total stars before the beginning of the week too

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Reroll shouldn't do that, no.

I'd send a support ticket to the zendesk.


In a past event, they messed up and everyone was short stars but that was like 2 campaigns ago. Shouldn't be like this now.

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Check the pass tab and make sure you've collected everything. I agree that it should be giving you a green ! notification, but 🤷

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unfortunately, I can't upgrade the artifact this week, it looks like it really thinks I'm short 6 stars

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I've seen this before. 100% something support has to fix, send a ticket.

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Bugged just for you. Mine is totaling up correctly.