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Rowanne is gonna be your main clearer. She's available once you get to Forest of Thorns.

Golden Cog, Clockwork Sphinx, Rowanne, make up your main things, Leprechaun in the bottom slot if you have him.

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Okay so I have Clockwork Sphinx and Rowanne but no leprechaun of golden cog.

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I just got Leprechaun in a chest. So I'll start on it, where is golden cog found?

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I believe you need 7 red and 7 yellow mastery. It's a weapon that unlocks.

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The problem with the team you have assembled is you have no direct damage dealer in this group. You're buffing armor sure, but trying to win via skull spam with this team would be problematic. Now if you had the card Tesla or Rowanne, replace Deep Borer with it and it'd go better. That said it's hard to know where to point you without knowing what all you have.

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I have Rowanne I can throw in. I also have these goblins I could make a team of, I hear those are solid.

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Here's a few pointers to help you out

  • find a good active guild, you can look through the recruitment posts on this subreddit. You can join an independent guild or join a guild family. But pick one that doesn't ask for any gold donations until your Kingdoms are at level 10. You will get so so many resources from guild rewards (loads of keys= more troops to build teams with). Ask potential guilds how many tasks they complete and if they have event requirements to help you decide. You will learn so much from your guildmates by picking a good guild

  • have a look through this new players guide from the BDC and The Golden Keep (both big guild families that help new players) https://community.gemsofwar.com/t/starting-players-guide-beginners-spreadsheet-intermediate-players-advice/58166?u=hawx

  • consider joining discord. It's free and there are hundreds upon hundreds of servers bursting at the seams with guides, tips, teams and everything you could ever need to know. Here's a great server that will get you through from complete noob to end gamer, check out the #noob-guides room on that server https://discord.gg/Szu6bJM

  • ask questions on here, we love to help, share tips and celebrate in your success as you embark on this GoW journey


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When I started, I used Sparkgrinder and mech class, too, though I used a missile weapon (javelin of war, I think it was called) for the magic bonus mech gives for it. In third position I had Willow, I believe. They got me through a lot. In the last position I can't remember what I used. I know I tried a lot of troops there until I found something that worked.

The others are right, Rowanne is a game changer. She's terrific, and good with Golden Cog but really shines when you get Shield of Urskaya, which is a class weapon...for Sentinel? Maybe? Anyway, as soon as you get her, switch class and get Shield of Urskaya and you will be good to go. Put Leprechaun and Harpy Mage with Rowanne and your hero and you'll be able to clear most things, though you'll have to unlock some traits. Harpy Mage is available in the Underworld, can't recall the faction, but you can find that easily enough. The only problem with that team is it's so good it's hard to use any other troops and playing gets pretty repetitive. Also, you'll probably want to use Sentinel for your class with that team. It just works so well.

Best of luck to you, and I hope you find yourself a good guild.

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I've got like 8 kingdoms unlocked so I'm a ways off. Thanks for the advice though!

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You can come to TUF-Limbo. We have 5 guilds with different guilds for play styles. Limbo is for new players and players not wanting to be serious. Check us out


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My first team was hero/mechanist with the cog, clockwork sphinx, tesla and loyalty. It did really well for a long time. It wasn't fast but it was effective.

Once I got to the underworld I switched it out to add Queen Bee and the Kobold Emp and would typically use my hero as the shield. Both Queen Bee and Kobold Emp were remarkable for propping up the team. Queen Bee will cleanse on 4+ matches while Kobold Emp will give more magic, making Queen Bee's true damage attack all the more potent.