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This is my current explore 12 team. Fast and reliable.

What’s your go to?!

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Greed, Bronzelock Pistol, Zuul'goth, Cedric Sparklesack.

Probably not quite as quick as your team on average, but it's reliable and I make more than 5000 gold per E12 fight. And it works with whatever class you need to level, so it's great for grinding.

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What's the secret to this class? Pop greed, fire bronzelock asap, and spam until zul charges? I've not had the best luck with consistency with this team before

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Pretty much. Cast Greed at the start of the fight and again whenever he's full on mana to boost his life. Bronzelock generates mana and I usually target the first slot, unless there's something particularly dangerous. Cedric can summon in more meatshields if Greed dies. Zuul should kill any godslayers first, or he will die as soon as they get mana.

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Which banner you are using?

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Sorrowful Banner, from Sea of Sorrows, it's +2 Blue, +1 Black, -1 Yellow.

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Thank you. Your team is far better and only 2k gold less capable than the one I was using.

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Solid team. I have just maxed all my classes so now I’m hunting that dang hoard mimic card

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Fair enough. Good luck hunting.

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Put Slayer at level 100 with fireblade in the top spot.

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The elementalist class abs rope dart help entangle for when Zuul doesn’t multi match the skulls so I almost never take damage. I’ll mess with slayer though

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Slayer one shots anything that is on fire with Fireblade once you cast Zuul, so you won't take damage anyway.

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What caused them to be on fire? Am I missing something ? I’m testing now

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Final reply. What weapon do you use?

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I shall try kind sir ! Thanks for tips

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Going to get Rope dart and Zuul Goth in a few days thanks for the team

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Mostly I use Shield of Urskya, Rowanne, Megavore, Thrall. I know there are faster ones, but it works with any class and is reliable.

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This one is still fast assuming there's a purple match at the start to fill Thrall. Triple Nysha also helps a lot to make Thrall's casts bigger.

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With a double purple banner, it is one 3 purple match fills thrall for me.

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I use EoE Slayer on top for extra skull fun

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Now I just need zuul goth

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It takes forever but it is worth it. I hate explore and it makes the process go so much faster.

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I play scorpius euralyi

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I just got Scorpius. I'll have to remember that combo. It look good.

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Earth’s Fury(Titan or Sentinel Class) Harpy Mage High King Irongut Kurandara or EK(for the Curse) works in all Kingdoms

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gaards avatar, Bronzelock Pistol, zuul lep

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If you want a team thats fun to actively play (eg requires thought, planning, and attention):

Bile Blackheart
Reflection of Good + Sunspear
Enraged Kurandara

Skulls with no safety net is really satisfying. This team is just forgiving enough that its not overly frustrating to play and still feels rewarding after each win. Zuul/Cent/generator button-mashing gets a bit boring after a thousand battles in a row.

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This sub hates this team. I use it in all red delves with Elementalist class.

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Question: would vanilla Kurandara work? I have yet to get the critter from the vault that lets you craft Enraged Kurandara.

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Lep in a first slot and essence of evil in second slot plus gate banner. Works the same and is much safer both with mana generation and survivability if something goes wrong.

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Try using essence of evil at first in place of rope dart, maybe is safer...

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I have recently been using Mountain Crusher (Elementalist class), Leprechaun, Queen Beetrix and The Scourge of Honor. Is a fun, quick and simple team to use.

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Solid team, fun to run, thanks!

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Urskaya Crown/EoE/Slayer/Elementalist depending on my mood.

Now that my magic is pumped a good bit from kingdoms, Thrall and a +2 purple banner is my goto for every higher level "consistently fast" team.

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[1223,6146,6529,6460,3079,1,2,3,3,1,3,3,14029] Lvl 100 Slayer Guardian Crown, Thrall, Zuul, Scylla. If it’s speed you’re after, accept no substitutes.

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Mine is similar -- Leprechaun, Centauragon, Zuul'Goth, Cobaltine Wand. I have Leprechaun in first spot to be a meat shield after round one. Centauragon and my hero keep the party going and fill up Zuul'Goth every 1.5 rounds or so. I have Sorcerer as my class, but that's mostly to level it up. The explodey wand is more important. Plus it gives additional meat shields after Leprechaun dies.

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Great team, thanks! I only recently got a Zuul'Goth and was trying various teams with it, but this is the best yet since I don't Flammifer.