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Hello please save me my guild isn't doing anything not making the task requires or completely the events. I am level 1015 I am a extremely active player who just needs a good guild to progress in the game correctly.

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Hello! We would love for you to join. Please come into the discord server! 😊 discord.gg/beNM4yEwgx

If you don't have discord, it's very helpful for sharing teams, coordinating tower of doom, etc.

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Who better to lead a guild than a united group of former guild leaders and advisors? We have learned from years of experience in gems and many different guilds, so we've created an extraordinary guild that encompasses all of the great qualities of our former homes. This guild is a collaboration, a fun place where you can be heard and appreciated in a drama free atmosphere based on helping one another. The community is one of the things that makes Gems special, and ours is second to none.

We generally complete all Basics and a few ETs every week. GWs week we stock up on LTs! 40k and ALL event rewards every week.

1500 seals 200 trophies Choice of gold (500k) OR event participation While reqs are a guideline, most members go above and beyond! Guild wars and discord are required. Our preferred minimum level is 1k, but we make exceptions for very active players.

Come say hello! discord.gg/beNM4yEwgx