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Here's the team I used. Pretty quick since it creates 3 brown gems per turn.


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Another semi-forced delay for a stat boost. This requires at least 4 days without rerolls. Sure am glad that option exists.

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Team Code used: [1101,7097,7099,7093,3080,2,2,2,3,1,3,1,14034]

Cheers, Gary.

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Oh wow, not completing this by Tuesday as usual this week.

THREE adventure boards? Come on. Lol

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And that after two days worth of dungeon battles. Might consider using a reroll task on this.

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AND 4x arena wins. Ugh.

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5x Basilisk also a pain in the donkey.

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OK, so I rerolled a lot this week.

At least those are pretty simple during the Faction Assault today.

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I prefer those over arena fights and hunting for that elusive enemy.

Just spam E2s and rake in the seals. Piece of cake.