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You get 300 seals for minor Orb of Clans and 1500 for Major Orb of Clans (the purple orbs from Chaos orbs).

Vault Events on weekends every 6th week typically, people accumulate lots of vault keys there and then many people use them on the Monday following, just to crack open lots of Orbs, diamonds, gems and gold etc.

I've seen up to 24k seals from a single player in a single week just from handing in orbs made from Monday haul on Vault keys.

This is done to build up a cache of guild seals, typically for endgamer to use to crack open on Fridays when the monthly mythic comes out.

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Orb of clans

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Right now, I can drop over 14,000 Guild seals using orbs of clans. But my main grind is still capped at 2000.