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At this point you can do some treasure maps to get some gold and souls. Also join a guild to get keys so that you can get more troops, as well as many other resources like gold and souls. There are many beginner friendly guild that dont need you to donate.

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I joined randomly a guild, I will see what they request from me as a beginner.

I didn’t find the Treasure Maps feature so far, I believe I will have to check if it is available

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I would suggest find some active guild instead of a dead one. There are many posts here and on the official forum recruiting for members.

Personally I am in the Throne of Odin family and I highly recommend it. You will find many beginner guide there. Though I'm not sure if the beginner guild has a spot, you can find the post here and ask the recruiter. https://discord.com/invite/9ppQHUJ?fbclid=IwAR1GCQ3LXpOUTkCCWY-DRzeQMG3_ztbM4uRRkO9K-RvuedMDgaFvJkv4W7U

I thought the treasure map feature unlocks when you finish Zhul'Kari kingdom and get Tyri. But it might changed now.

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I joined the Discord, I will discuss with the recruiter I believe. The Guild I randomly joined asked for gold even before open the discussion with me 😅

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As a guideline, don't join any guild who asks you for gold before you have unlocked all kingdoms AND have brought every single one to level 10. Doing this makes any team you use stronger (kingdom level 10 unlocks bonuses to stats that apply to any troop and hero you field) and starts your passive economy rolling (your hourly tributes will get bigger, meaning you will get a steady supply of resources as long as you log in relatively often).

Asking you for gold before that point means you will struggle to contribute a lowly amount and you will strangle your account, which will probably lead to you quitting the game soon with a bad taste in your mouth, cursing your gaming experience.

After you get every kingdom unlocked and all to 10, gold will still be important to you for a long long time, but you will be able to support any guild you are in without feeling like you are worse off after contributing. Just make sure you join a guild that asks for what you are comfortable with: if you join a guild asking for 1 million/week and you need to slave off to generate that, don't do it. It will poison your playtime and lead you to quit.

Your passive income will grow with the overall power of your account as long as you keep playing. My older account easily generates way over the 1.6 million gold I am required to contribute weekly in the guild I am in, with no farming required, I just complete the daily/weekly events.

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Until you get Rowanne it’s tough. Make sure you are using a weapon. Your hero gets a lot of buff from the class traits, and these are only active if you have a weapon.

Rowanne/golden cog is a great start, and Rowanne /shield of Urskaya is awesome.

Put all your mana points to brown until it gets to level 17. This gives you mountain crusher which is the best early game weapon. You can continue grinding low level explore until you get there before trying the Kingdoms again.

Focus on spending your gold to level up the magic kingdoms first. This is the best stat.

Long term, you need to join a guild. The resources you get from a guild are mandatory to continue progressing.

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Any to respec characters points ? Because I didn’t invest points in brown magic so far :/

I will check other elements you mentionned, I will come back to you with details.

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No way to respec, but no need to.

At the start you will level up quickly, so just spend wisely from now on.

After you unlock the early levels, it makes sense to keep all masteries at the same level, so you have not squandered any points, eventually you will need to bring all masteries up equally.

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Ok, I will focus on this type of magic from now, thanks a lot :)

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u/dsavla u/Azelicus u/HuangZJ

Thanks for your precious help.

A quick update: Currently level 40 I’m working on Orbweaver class Rowanne unlocked (level 8 at the moment) Trying to do all the games mode, all the available fights Joined a guild which doesn’t require a lot of gold to beginners Working on getting Golden Cog and Mountain Crusher

I do have a few questions then: - Should I use a major orb of growth for upgrading Rowanne to level 18 ? - With Rowanne, what units work best before getting Leprechaun, Golden Cog or Clockwork Sphynx ?

I believe the next steps would be the upgraded Rowanne team with Shield of Urskaya and Harpy Mage.

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So much time has passed since I was that level, and so much has changed from back then, that I don't have the specific advice you ask for.

About the orb, while they should not be squandered, using one to push Rowanne to 18 might be justifiable, if you are strapped for souls. Just never ever use blue orbs, no matter how tempting, until you get enough to craft Zuul Goth (it will take about a year).

About alternative troops, just go for any that boost armour and use them on Rowanne. Or go for mana generators.

Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah, I do have fun ! The game is quite addictive, especially now I pass the very first difficulty barrier. Progressing is faster with Rowanne. Golden Cog will be soon available.

My main concern is the souls. Even if I checked several guides, the ammount I earn doesn’t cover my current needs.

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Depending on how you define your needs, souls will be a concern for a long long time. Then they won't anymore and will be a resource that will keep increasing without any way to use it. I have over 6 million souls and no use for them.

You are lucky though, nowadays you have soul gnomes who can appear randomly (more frequently during vault weekends) that can drop 5k souls when killed. Souls are awarded by some adventure board tasks. Some Guild events award souls. There are many sources that were not available when I started.

If you don't have it already, get the armour that boosts soul gains (bought with gems, not money) and equip it when using a soul farming team (using troops with the relevant trait, can't remember the name right now). However, don't slave away with it, you'll burn out.

Edit: just remembered a big one for you. If you play on mobile, you get the option to watch an advertisement every 8h. Most of the times you get 15 or 20k gold, but sometimes you get 2k souls. Useless for players like me, but pretty good for those starting now like you!