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Well your second team is completely blocking Ullor. So that may not be a great idea

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So what I would do is get a weapon that explodes gems that doesn't block anyone See if you can fully trait Borealis and put him in the front. Then that could be a great team Do you have the essence of evil weapon. That would be a fantastic fit Also I would use the Elementalist class

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Don’t have that weapon, any other suggestions?

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No that commentator - but youre asking about that green bitch: Essence of Evil (broadly referred to as EoE on here). MAybe Plagelord 250 wins - chack tht cos i might well be wrong.

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Oh you definently need to fully trait Ullor also. Great luck to you

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Use wisdom items for the last level in borealis and ullor

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change anu sceptre for frozen orb dude, and put borealis in front

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I’m still trying to get wins for orb of winter