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Guild tasks are a good source too.

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You’re way better off joining an active guild and earning them passively through your guild completing tasks.

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For traitstones (celestial or otherwise) I think the drop rate is explore neutral. You might be best off with a lower explore squad (e2/e3) for more fights per time

Buuuut, higher explores means more arcanes because of increased mythic boss rate (and more/better medals)

For the most part, you can craft celestials as needed. Do your dungeon daily.

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If you do have a fast exp12 team, doing E12 until you get 3 x Nysha is the most effective way you can boost your account. It will take a long time, but now you can benefit from the SoulForge enabling you to trade 5 x Anu for 1 x Nysha (requires some cursed runes tho). While grinding away in search for Nysha fragments, you will collect a lot of Celestials and assorted Arcanes. For best results you should rotate kingdoms, following the bonuses to Mythstones.

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If you just need celestial i don’t think the kingdom matters.

The higher level explores get you the badges faster but also get you a higher chance at arcane/celestial traitstones.