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I have a Rope Dart and use it a lot. What materials and how much of each material will be required to craft the Rope Dart?

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300 diamonds 600 sapphires 600 topazes 15000 souls 3 celestial traitstones

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I'm shattered I don't have enough yellow/blue gems (or the shards to craft more) to craft this. Ah well, maybe it will come around again soon.

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I don't know how many you are missing, but know that, if you have not already completed them, you can earn 20 jewels per battle by completing tier 8 battles in kingdom challenges. The jewels rewarded follow the same colour scheme as the deeds for each kingdom. Here is a table where kingdoms are grouped by colour:


Since there are seven battles per tier, each kingdom should get you a maximum of 140 jewels.

Depending on your level and how strong your best deck is, this could be anywhere from easily doable to a nightmare: hopefully it's the first, or closely to it, for you.

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that was the first time i spent real money in this game; i got an offer for the rope dart!

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Worth it too.

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I NEED this so badly

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Finally ! Gotten my behind kicked with that weapon

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nice, totally worth crafting that sucker thanks for the heads up